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  1. bgothard72

    Guide not updating

    Anyone else’s guide not updated past Sunday 5:30pm? Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. bgothard72

    Sound quality on TBN

    Anyone else have trouble hearing TBN unless you turn your soundbar way up? Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. bgothard72

    Sprout on 2 channels

    Why does sprout have 2 channels? 295
  4. bgothard72

    Having on demand trouble

    Anyone else having trouble downloading a program? Mine starts to download then it just stops and goes to pending download but never downloads. I've tried it with faster hd download and high quality download. Nothing works. My Internet is fine also. Nothing wrong there. Posted Via The FREE...
  5. bgothard72

    Channel Logo's

    This may be a stupid question, but here goes. Why does the channel logo's just disappear? I have Fox News on quick tune and noticed the logo was gone. What happens? Like I said, may be a stupid question, but I enjoy the logo's!:behindsofa:
  6. bgothard72


    Anyone know why we would get the TVMail that autotune was now available, but there is not an option for it? Is this a future software feature? I have HR24.
  7. bgothard72

    HBOeHD pic quality vs HBOwHD

    I had missed a recording of True Blood on HBOeHD and recorded it on HBOwHD. WOW, the pic quality on HBOwHD is so so much better than HBOeHD. Is it just my eyes or is the pic quality on the east feed very poor compared to west feed? Why?
  8. bgothard72

    what dvr will i get?

    Just signed up with Directv for whole home dvr. Think I will get the HR24?
  9. bgothard72


    DISH Network - News - 1.800.823.4929
  10. bgothard72

    FLN will become The Cooking Channel on May 31st

    Advertising - Scripps Serves Foodies a Second Helping -
  11. bgothard72

    Audio drops on Birmingham AL locals?

    Are there anyone else in the B'ham area having audio drops on locals? Last night it was happening on Fox and tonight on CBS! Anoying!
  12. bgothard72

    Nat Geo Wild...March 29th

    According to Dish Mag, Nat Geo Wild will launch in SD and HD replacing Fox Reality Channel on March 29th!
  13. bgothard72

    New Dish Commercial

  14. bgothard72

    New website is up!

    Looks nice!
  15. bgothard72

    YouTube Video from Dish

    Nicely done, Dish! :up
  16. bgothard72

    Hallmark Channel To Make High-Definition Bow In February

    Hallmark Channel To Make High-Definition Bow In February Family-Friendly Service To Sister Service Hallmark Movie Channel In Delivering HD Signals John Eggerton -- Multichannel News, 12/16/2009 10:54:00 AM Hallmark Channel said Wednesday it is launching a high-definition version of the...
  17. bgothard72

    Timers for 12-1-2009

    If anyone has set timers for tomorrow night on locals, check again. Presidential Address is showing in the guide.
  18. bgothard72

    Holiday Music

    Holly on 6003 and Traditions on 6004! :music
  19. bgothard72

    AMC HD?

    Why does the Dish Entertainment Magazine list AMC in HD on page 14? On November 15th it shows AMC in HD!
  20. bgothard72

    Losing program guide data on 722k

    My new 722k that I just got on Oct 1st keeps losing guide data. I read to do the switch test and when I do all is ok and it downloads the data again. Do I have to keep doing this all the time or do I need to call Dish for a new box?