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    replace original hoppers with hopper3?

    Hello, it has been months and months since I have visited this forum. I still have 2 original hoppers and one joey which were installed the first day they were available. I know zero about the new hopper3. What would I need to replace my current equipment, how would it compare cost wise and how...
  2. J

    Software Upgrade

    The software upgrade on 10-31-14 seems to have fixed the OTA recording problem. "John"
  3. J

    Can't pair bluetooth speaker

    I was initially able to pair the speaker and then I unpaired it. Can't get it to pair again. I can pair it to my 2nd hopper OK. I have done all the usual resets and power down. I called Dish and they couldn't help. Any idea's? "John"
  4. J

    can't pair bluetooth speaker

    my daughter loaned me a Bluetooth speaker that I was able to pair to my hopper. Later in the day it wasn't working so I unpaired it. I have not been able to pair it since. I can pair it to my 2nd hopper ok. I have done resets, unplugged etc. called dish and nothing works. Any ideas? "John"
  5. J

    Cabling question.

    I started with 2 Hoppers and 2 Joeys when they first came out. I have since returned one of the Joeys for lack of use. Do I need to do anything to the cable for the returned Joey? Terminate it, remove it? "John"
  6. J

    NBA League Pass fiasco

    This is about the 3rd year in a row that Dish has charged me for the NBA package after I tell them I don't want it. They used to send a letter telling you to call if you didn't want it. I would call and they would still charge me saying they had no record of me calling. This year they didn't...
  7. J

    What are the Moca bars for?

    I have 2 Hoppers but only one shows Moca bars on the bottom right of the screen. The one that don't is cinnected to my network with a Dish wireless adapter. Is that The reason?
  8. J

    Joey won't connect to the network.

    One of my Hoppers is a hard wire connect to the home network. The attached Joey will not connect. I have tried all the available resets and reconnects with no luck. Any ideas?
  9. J

    2nd remote for Hopper

    I ordered a new remote for the Hopper but the instructions say to unpair the old remote. I don't want to do that as I want two remotes. Can I just skip that section and go to the "Pair New Remote" section of the instructions?
  10. J

    Is Dish supposed to supply the HIC?

    Is Dish supposed to supply the HIC or do we buy them? I have a 2 hopper system with one hardwired to the network and works OK. The other hopper has a dish WI-FI adapter which won't connect.
  11. J

    No Auto Tune Timer?

    Yesterday I was going to set an auto tune timer but it wasn't an option like before.
  12. J

    Can't get Sling adapter to work with my Hopper

    When I try to select a program from the guide on my pc is get a message about being able to watch if I had a sling adapter. I have one and it shows as active on my Hopper. Following is a chat I had with Dish. Alaina (ID: XNJ): Hi, my name is Alaina (ID: XNJ). How may I help you? John Host...
  13. J

    Help! Hopper recording on its own

    I currently have 3 recordings going. The problem is that I only set up 2 of them. The odd ball is a Fox Network movie that doesn't show up on the daily schedule list or the timer list. The other Hopper doesn't show anything for this either. I have no way to cancel it.
  14. J

    Joeys hooked to wrong Hoppers

    My son discovered today that the installers hooked the Joeys up to the wrong Hoppers. We now have 2 heavy users sharing the same Hopper. Is that something I could easily change myself or would it be wise to call the installers back?
  15. J

    Issues after 2 hopper/2 joey install Friday night

    I tried to post these earlier but I must have not done it right. So I will try again. These are some of the issues I have found so far. 1. When I try to switch modes from sat to tv it switches back to sat mode. The input button just acts like a return to previous button. 2. PIP works OK on...
  16. J

    Hopper/Joeys in warehouse

    I had Dish out yesterday and they ended up swapping my ailing VIP722 for a 722K (I miss the OTA already). Anyhow, the repairman said they had a pallet full of Hoppers/Joeys in their warehouse in West Des Moines but they haven't been trained on them yet.
  17. J

    Blockbuster@Home website

    Is anyone else having problems trying to logon to this site today?
  18. J

    Missing Resume option on VIP722

    I have noticed lately that I no longer have a resume option while viewing recordings. If I am watching a recording and switch to live TV, when I come back to the program my only options are "view Live TV" and "start from the beginning". Am I having a serious brain malfunction? I have had this...
  19. J

    Empty envelope, no dvd, no way to report it.

    Received an empty envelope today. Went to Dish website and followed instructions but they are wrong. It says there should be a "report dvd problem" on the menu but there isn't. Website says to call Dish. Called Dish and they said to go to a Blockbuster store to report the problem. What the Heck...
  20. J

    Where the heck is "my rentals" located.

    I downloaded a movie to my 722 yesterday and it went to never never land. It said it would be available for 30 days on "my rentals". I can't find and such menu item under the bbmp screen. "John"