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  1. raygil2

    Joey 4K and 4K Programming?

    on my hopper 3 it shows 540 147.05 KHDR but I cant watch it try to go too them tells me it cant show it. I can watch ppv in 4k
  2. raygil2

    DISH Airs Live 4K College Football from FOX Sports

    last SAT. they had a game on 540 I watched it
  3. raygil2

    **Team Summit Update**

    I got thazon updated to my reciver on 5/16/ ic an now pair my alex to recibver on hopper 3
  4. raygil2

    BBC in 4K

    540 is turned on now at 540 starts 4k satuday night 9:00pm
  5. raygil2

    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    dish an grey reached a deal yesterday .
  6. raygil2

    NBC 4K Rio Olympics

    yeah another lye from DISH they really don't care about use ones who pay there bill they couldn't make ay money from use for 4k so they have it
  7. raygil2

    DISH Introduces Flex Pack

    in the sts pk. you get ESPN ESPN 2 what about espnu eapn news lots time the have games on them don't see them i
  8. raygil2

    my upgrae too hopper with sling 3

    called at 9:00AM too dish could up grade also could do it that day .installer got here at 2:00pm. willl he put the hoppeer 3 in an hadtroullb frist thing could get it check switch . so he could for help a nether tech out an he fixed right awy. hah too take odl lnb put up a new hybrid twin ea 2...
  9. raygil2

    Qustion about new UI hope someone can help

    wich way would be better too an has the least proublems with it. download new Ui or get new hopper3 . i want the new UI . i have hopper with sling now . to get new UI wich should i go with least pproubloms.
  10. raygil2


    will a vip 625 recvier work on eastern arch . only hve sd tv
  11. raygil2

    Dish outage thread

    there having a problem all over I had compelt single loss two times today
  12. raygil2

    Dish Netflix Tie Up?

    ( - Subscribers to Dish Networkwho opt for its Hopper DVRwill get an added bonus: six free months of Netflix, thanks to a deal the satellite operator signed with the SVOD provider. However, those subscribers won't find Netflix bundled into their DVRs, Variety reports.
  13. raygil2

    Dish Netflix Tie Up?

    only for new costmers who sigine the get 6 mouths free
  14. raygil2

    Longhorn Network

    its up now oin 407 i am watching it now
  15. raygil2

    disney jr

    other site i look at for up link reports today shows disney jr on 168 but is in test an unavible but its coming
  16. raygil2

    ABC/Disney Authenticated Watch Apps now working for Dish Network Subscribers

    on another site i check up link shows disney jr is in test on 168 not shown
  17. raygil2

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    there on now im watching abc espu hd now turned on todayyyyyy;)
  18. raygil2

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    deal be done all hd ch. on espn on when team sumit starts
  19. raygil2

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    no the check bounced that dish sent too pay disney.