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  1. eurosport

    FTA receiver

    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here, I was going to ask if any of you knew if a certain receiver was good for FTA. All of my stuff seems to be to old now to be of much use anymore. My Coolsat 8000 won't play ABC HD on 91 anymore without stuttering so they must have changed...
  2. eurosport


    Radio, I wish I could pick up WION here in north Florida. It would sound great on one of these in my collection!
  3. eurosport

    Back in it, somewhat.....

    Finally got one of my Primestars up after getting some trees removed. I can probably see from 83 to 95west now. Gonna point at 91 for now. Everything is connected and seems to be working. Now I can program it & scan the satellite as soon as I find the box with all the remotes to the FTA boxes! :O
  4. eurosport

    GIF Avatar....

    Moves in the place where you upload an avatar but not in forums? Unless I did something wrong somehow?
  5. eurosport

    Can't change avatar?

    Every time I try it says "upload successful" like it worked, but it goes to the last one I used & not the one I just uploaded?
  6. eurosport

    More New Music.....

    Has been added to The Alternative! ...Tune in tonight at 8pm eastern! :clapping :whoo
  7. eurosport

    TiVo and Comcast....

    Chatted tonight with an agent, he said if I use my own TiVo series 3 it will get HD but I can't record unless I lease their DVR service. Is anyone here using a TiVo with Comcast that can confirm or deny this?
  8. eurosport

    Tivo Series 3

    I may be switching to Comcast soon. Does anyone here know if my Series 3 is compatible with Comcast? It has 2 CableCard slots. Thanks! :) Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  9. eurosport

    Getting back into FTA

    I haven't been around the FTA area lately but all that's about to change. We should be moving soon, and I will be taking my FTA receivers & dishes with me. (even a C-band dish! ) We just put our Dish sub on pause until we decide whether or not to cancel after our move. For right now & into the...
  10. eurosport

    Signal Loss on HD channel, tuning to SD equivalent. completely UNACCEPTABLE! How about placing HD on the stronger signal? Is that too much to ask? Why must we watch 144p YouTube quality? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  11. eurosport

    Twitter Feed

    Is there a way to make this disappear?
  12. eurosport

    Classified section....

    On the mobile app now takes me to some "Satelliteguys Mobile" site that: 1: I've never seen before, and 2: Requires a log in? I just wanted to browse the ads. :( Sent from my SCH-I535 using SatelliteGuys
  13. eurosport

    The Alternative

    Don't forget to tune in to Satelliteguys Radio tonight at 8 eastern for The Alternative, with the best new music, and some great alternative classics too! :music Sent from my SCH-I535 using SatelliteGuys
  14. eurosport

    Monday night

    Tune in to Satelliteguys Radio tomorrow night at 8 eastern for the debut of my brand new show: The Alternative! 2 hours of the best new rock anywhere. Right here on the all new Satelliteguys Radio! Sent from my SCH-I535 using SatelliteGuys
  15. eurosport


    I originally posted this in the Pub area, but I wanted everyone in the fta area to know too. Ftabman0 recently sent me a reply to a pm, letting me know that he's been through a bad divorce, but he misses everyone here in the fta area and wants y'all to know he will be back posting soon! Some of...
  16. eurosport

    [Florida] Party 99.5 WBXY Gainesville

    ...will be moving to the more powerful signal of WXJZ 100.9 on December 26th. Not sure if Smooth FM will show up on 99.5 though.
  17. eurosport

    "Edit Post"...

    NEVER works the first time. If I edit a post & click "save" it just sits there. Refresh the page, see my still un-edited post, edit again, click "save" & then it works ...every time. Strange. :rolleyes:
  18. eurosport


    Two things to mention for this weekend & upcoming week. 1. A new show will debut this Saturday night at 10 eastern. Saturday Night Dance Party with EDM Life is a 1 hour dance music show that's sure to get you moving! will be a 1 hour Dance/EDM show, from 10 to 11 every Saturday night...
  19. eurosport

    A note to DJ's/show hosts

    Please make sure your encoder/streaming software is shut down AND disconnected after doing a show. Failing to do so causes dead air & the radio server needs to be stopped & re-started to get the connection to drop. Thank you. :)
  20. eurosport

    Saturday Night

    ...Dance show test on now.