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  1. renegade734

    The Blaze is history

    I stopped watching cable news channels long ago. If I need news, I will watch it over-the-air. Local news is best. The folks on Fox News, CNN, OAN, The Blaze and nearly all others are blowhards. I can do without all the noise that arises from that. I have been known to watch NewsNet, but it...
  2. renegade734

    Damn! Some of those TiVo CSRs aren't too bright!

    Pre-roll ads ... ? Guide ads ?? I'm glad now I didn't buy a Tivo.
  3. renegade734

    Is there a chat for billing issues?

    Sure wish you would take a hike already. The same crap, over and over again, just on a different day. Take the broken record over to the other site.
  4. renegade734

    This says "moving" is against the law????

    I have been 'moved' for almost ten years. I am still waiting for anyone to question my eligibility. If there's ever a problem, I'll drop locals entirely and rely only on my OTA.
  5. renegade734

    dish network unifoms

    But it pays well!
  6. renegade734

    Hopper 3 mysteriously enabled PTAT today...

    Three necroposts in one day ... I hate PTAT so much that I don't even have a hopper.
  7. renegade734

    ViP receiver screensaver nothing but Hopper advertisements now

    I have noticed the changes to Hopper advertisements on the screensaver, and have NOT changed my mind since the first Hopper came about ... NOT INTERESTED! A minimum of $25 in FEES before charges begin for programming. My 211Ks only have a $7 fee for the second receiver with NO DVR FEES. If...
  8. renegade734

    Sinclair to buy Fox Regional Sports

    I'm just wondering how long it will take Sinclair to run them into the ground, then sell them off.
  9. renegade734

    External USB Hard Drive vip211k

    You need to use a hard drive with an external power supply. The USB port in the 211K does not have enough power to support one otherwise.
  10. renegade734

    Help with Wally

  11. renegade734

    Display Best Buy

    I think cannonz is referring to ATSC 3.0. It's certainly a good question.
  12. renegade734

    More bizarre H3 behavior

    I'm thankful I don't have these problems.
  13. renegade734


    Sorry to hear about that one, too.
  14. renegade734

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Never again. I got at&t out of my wallet when I gave up Plan Old Telephone Service. I could never imagine them getting in again in order to subscribe to HBO or DirecTV, especially after this stunt. An injunction can fix this. Perhaps the judicial system needs to take a look.
  15. renegade734


    I'm terribly sorry to hear that.
  16. renegade734

    TiVo bolt

    This is why I went with the DVR+. It was only $149 while the TiVO-renewed Roamio was $299. It was the cheaper alternative, and it works just as well for what I need it to do.
  17. renegade734

    How come my regional Sportsnet is Rocky Mountain

    But why? A quick look at the guide shows a mix of three-hour hot-air shows and blacked-out rebroadcasts o0f women's soccer along with the usual parade of midday paid programming.
  18. renegade734

    Confusion re. Dish system for RV

    I'd skip the Hopper and go to the 211K or Wally line of receivers. A one-time fee of $40 will make those receivers DVR-capable. You would also want to consider a pay-as-you-go account if you don't already have a Dish account. Is there a local Dish retailer in your area? Might be good to...