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  1. SatinKzo

    PQ or bit rate improved?

    Over on reddit they are reporting 5.7mbps now. . I don't have sling. Can anyone confirm or comment on PQ? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. SatinKzo

    Sling adds 3 new channels Good additions at no extra cost...
  3. SatinKzo

    Directv IP service

    Well, I guess it should go here, but maybe in the IPTV forum. Anyways, anyone have info on the upcoming IPTV service from ATT/Directv? I know they said Q4 in press releases and 3 packages, but I was curious on what hardware it will run on if anyone knows. Hopefully the major ones and we can...
  4. SatinKzo

    Amazon Streaming with Prime add-ons I just read about this as a possibility next year... now it's real. I thought I read about it here, but I can't find it.
  5. SatinKzo

    Xbox one preview program... Anyone have an invite?

    If anyone has an invite to the preview program and would be willing to send me an invite, please PM me.
  6. SatinKzo

    Interesting bundle... Uverse, HBO and Amazon Prime

    Saw Uverse has an intersting new bundle. $39 a month, Uverse internet, HBO/Go and amazon prime
  7. SatinKzo

    Equipment Return

    I cancelled directv a couple weeks ago and finally got my return equipment box. I have three receivers (H25, HR24 and HR34). The packing slip only lists the HR34. So I boxed it up and sent it back, but I never received boxes for other two receivers. When I called Directv they told me they...
  8. SatinKzo

    Service Cancellation question

    I can't get a straight answer out of directv. If I cancel my service and I have a discounted sports package (Center ICE or Sunday Ticket) that I am paying monthly for am I liable for any charges that have not hit my account yet? IE I have paid 4/6 month on sunday ticket, if I cancel do...
  9. SatinKzo

    Some of your current programming is scheduled to change?

    Logged in to my account today. Got a notice that says "Some of your current programming is scheduled to change soon. See below for details. If you'd like keep all of your current programming please call 800 531 5000" I have entertainment package, Sunday Ticket/Max, and Cinemax/Starz 6...
  10. SatinKzo

    CBS audio problems just my local or national feed?

    Anyone else having audio and video problems currently with CBS? I keep getting audio drops and stuttering video. Hope it clears up before the game
  11. SatinKzo

    New customer discounts, can I change programming package?

    I am currently in my 1st year of new customer pricing discounts. I currently have Choice Xtra. If I change to Choice or ultimate for example, will I lose my discounts/promo prices?
  12. SatinKzo

    3 months free premiums and get additional rebate from each premium?

    Has anyone take their 3 bills from Directv from when they had the 3 months free premiums and turned them into each premium channel with an additional rebate? Starz and Showtime both have $25 rebates available and was curious if anyone has tried and had success?
  13. SatinKzo

    Trying to sign up for Directv... Is it always this hard?

    I signed up for directv since July 5th. I setup an order got confirmation and everything was good for install on Thursday July 12 noon -4pm. Today I get a call that they can't do Thursday any longer, but can actually bump me up to tomorrow July 11 Noon-4pm. Sounds good and they confirm...
  14. SatinKzo

    Spam database providers: anyone having issues with backscatter or uceprotect?

    In recent weeks our spam appliance has flagged an increasing number of previously legit IP's as spam. We are talking fortune 500 companies, even fortune 100 and I know they are not spamming, but when looking them up ALL of them are reported as listed by backscatter or uceprotect networks (level...
  15. SatinKzo

    Christmas 2010 trailer Dr Who

    nvrmind. Fan made trailer, not official
  16. SatinKzo

    Gamestop new Games?

    I do not buy video games much and I think it's been a year since I stopped in a gamestop, but did this weekend and was going to buy a new 360 game. When I went to to buy it, I thought it was odd it was just a placeholder like the used games, but not a big deal. Didn't realize that gamestop...
  17. SatinKzo

    facebook connect on forum index page?

    Anyone else getting just a facebook connect graphic on the forum index.php page? I can navigate using forum jump however.
  18. SatinKzo

    Microsoft to announce xbox 360 tv service?

    Report: Live TV Coming To The Xbox 360 Saw this over at avsforums.
  19. SatinKzo

    Magicjack and windows 7 users...

    Anyone here have a magicjack and use it with the 64bit version of windows 7 and have it working? I've tried the Win7 patch on the magicjack website, no go. I recently upgrade my extra PC that I run random things on, including magicjack to win 7 64bit and didn't realize there was a problem...
  20. SatinKzo

    xstreamhd website error?

    Well, I appear to have someone I work with that is interested in signing up, but on the xstreamhd website it tells me my state is invalid. Is there a restriction to certain states that I am completely missing? Anyone else get an invalid state message? I was with my friend when he was going...