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  1. renegade734

    ChannelMaster OTA DVR is on sale!

    I'm so glad I checked online today! The ChannelMaster OTA DVR is on sale for $144.44! Over The Air (OTA) DVR+ 16GB | Channel Master I've gone ahead and ordered two. I will let you know how well they work.
  2. renegade734

    How did you spend your Saturday?

    We finally had a day with decent weather. I thought it was a good day to go outside and play. Here is what I started with: A really nasty looking job. Here's how it ended up: It's not the perfect install, but it's a lot cleaner-looking than it was.
  3. renegade734

    The Superstations have returned ...

    I have been a longtime subscriber to the five Superstations. The three Tribune-owned stations, KTLA/Los Angeles, KWGN/Denver and WPIX/New York disappeared with the onset of the Tribune retransmission dispute. I see the Tribune Superstations have been restored, however my local Tribune-owned...
  4. renegade734

    Here's something we almost never see:

    ... a retransmission agreement in place before the previous one expires ...
  5. renegade734

    It's happening again ... DISH Eastern Arc services RESTORED

    It looks like Eastern Arc has gone down again ... was watching Cartoon Network at 9:31 pm when everything went down.
  6. renegade734

    Dog TV --- The First Television Channel for Dogs Wonder when Dish Network is going to provide this in HD ... ... in before bluegras. :D