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    Joey question

    The Joey with my hopper 3 skips ahead when fast forwarding a recording. It only happens in standard definition, HD no problem. If I play it on the hopper, the recording plays fine. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Recording help

    Any way to record the last hour of a daily program that runs for 4 hrs on my hopper 3 ? TIA
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    Remote question

    I have a wired joey, & in the room two TV's of the same manufacture. How can I pair remote to each TV (on/off) & not interfere with the other? Thanks,
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    OTA adaptor

    I'm thinking about this adapter for my hopper 3. When searching for places to buy, I see the some pictures show a vent on the part, others don't. Are there different manufacturers ? I've read how they heat up, so the vents sound like a good thing. Can anyone shed more light on this...
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    2nd dish for local stations

    I found out if a 2nd dish is installed, I won't be charged an additional $12.00 each month for local stations. Anyone who has this setup, can you please tell me exactly how it's wired to the house cable? Two dishes into one down lead? TIA