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  1. aklarvanto

    Letter from Dish - Urgent Action Required

    I received letter today "Interuption of your HD programming..blah..blah" if I don't let technician to come over and fix something. I live in Alaska and have DPP44 switch and antennas pointed to 110, 118, 119 and 129. Does anyone know if I really need to do something? I have done self repair and...
  2. aklarvanto

    Dish Panel and what I can do with it?

    On my Vip612 if I press Dish button and go to Services tab (1) there is a Dish Panel option (interactive application loading) that takes you to page to enter some ID information for what? Where is information I should enter and what is that feature anyway and how to use it?
  3. aklarvanto

    E14 What TP to aim

    Replacing old antenna. E14 what TP should I aim now from Alaska?
  4. aklarvanto

    Dish Hunting Season - Open

    It's time to look around your neighborhood again. People are cleaning their yards and free stuff is everywhere. Here is my latest catch. FREE, 6ft dish antenna. :)
  5. aklarvanto

    VIP612 creates DNS traffic

    I was watching my DNS server traffic today, and with my 612 on the net, it is hitting a domain called "" about 1500 times a day; this is without me doing anything other than normal TV watching. Does not matter if box is turned on or off. DNS log reads: --> Request from...
  6. aklarvanto

    Anchorage, AK KTVA question

    Anyone have noticed HD channel 5604 KTVA Anchorage (CBS) local has horizonal line in the middle of screen that appears when camera is moving. It is like latency line when bottom of the picture is coming splitsecond later than top part of picture? I noticed this some days ago and now I was...
  7. aklarvanto

    Smartcard or no smartcard?

    Hello, I have received daily error messages "your smartcard is not authorized" and problem has gone away after multiple reboots until today when my 612 completely stopped working. After several reboots, I noticed my SC number was S00-0000 all zeros. Now it was time to call Dish. Person who...
  8. aklarvanto

    Is 119 failing?

    Sure this sounds strange, but I get no feed from 119. Also my 612 is rebooting again with "smartcard error". Anyone else?
  9. aklarvanto

    256k "High-Speed" Internet?

    I just want to share this with you. It is funny and sad at the same time. This came in mail last week, NOT TEN YEARS AGO...I though it was a joke. How anyone can call 256k Internet a High-Speed at 2009? LOL!!!
  10. aklarvanto

    What are symptoms of fried DP34?

    Hello, I purchsed used DP34 from guy on ebay and I was installing it today. Here is what is going on. I have two separated antennas, planning to add third for 129w. However with these two dish antennas pointed to 119 and 110 I did following: I run RG6 single cable from DP dual output LNBs to...
  11. aklarvanto

    I get 110w conus beam in alaska but...

    This forum is very good... before reading some posts here I didn't know I can get 110w conus beam in Alaska with my 8 footer. It is funny because long time I have wondering why I have double list of many channels in my guide lineup and those doubles are all red. Will Dish activate some red HD...