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  1. rhdj

    Kuqi-Corpus Christi-OTA

    I have a problem. Local Fox station just went HD. Since Dish does not carry it in HD yet I am using OTA to get it. The problem is When I add it to the guide it shows the correct call letter but wrong guide info(spanish programming). How can I get this corrected. Until Dish gets HD feed, The OTA...
  2. rhdj

    gateway m1625 mother board

    I had my laptop go Belly up on me last week. It will not power up. adapter tests good, and it is looking like it is a mother board issue. Problem is I can not find a mother board on line anywhere. the "official" Gateway parts sites do not even list them. A search on ebay turned up nothing. I...
  3. rhdj

    THIS network/Channel ??

    I scanned for new hd/digital friday after midnight. I am in Corpus Christi,Texas. I came up with a few channels out of Victoria,Texas and a few that seemed to be out of Houston. The one that caught my eye was THIS channel 2.2 out of ?? can anyone tell me where this is from. I caught it with...
  4. rhdj

    corpus Christi locals

    I am located in Corpus Christi, Texas. When I was installed I got the two dish solution 110/119 and 61.5 for HD. I see the new hd locals are uplinked on the new 129 which I was told was not an option for this area. My question is will they swing the local over to 61.5 or will I be out of luck? I...
  5. rhdj

    looking for ringtones create SW

    Can anyone steer me in the direction of some good SW to create your own ringtones? Looks like Cnet has some , but which is better? Thanks for your input.
  6. rhdj

    522 losing it?

    Okay, My 522 is giving me a message basicly saying I am recording on TV 1 when I am not and forces me to cancel the recording that is not happening. I also noticed that the recording space does not update when I delete a recorded program. I have done a soft reboot twice to fix it, but I am...
  7. rhdj

    DVR function gone on 722

    I had this problem last couple of days, hard reset usually takes care of it. Now nothing does it and the reset takes 45 minutes! I can watch TV but am out of luck on interactive , and DVR function. Hard Drive system check in green, but it will not let me do a hard drive diag(greyed out). Guide...
  8. rhdj

    722 hard drive/guide update

    earlier today my 722 was giving a false signal loss, a quick reset took care of that. But i just noticed it will not let me access the hard drive. The syatem check show the hard drive green. I get the message unable to access this feature at this time. Anyone know whats up?
  9. rhdj

    xp service pack 3

    Has anyone had any trouble with Xp service pack 3? It comes up as an update, but have not installed yet , waiting to see if any bugs are found first. Thanks.
  10. rhdj

    722 signal loss,but not 522?

    First , I am in Corpus Christi,Texas. I expected some signal loss due to storms passing through. The funny thing is I lose signal on my 722, but not the 522 on the same channel. The signal meters are pretty close last time I checked(good weather at the time). Is the 722 a bit more senstive to...
  11. rhdj

    Farve retiring!

    Foxsports is reporting Fave will retire!
  12. rhdj

    newbie home theater question.

    I Am looking at getting a Sony HT system fo my HDTV thru a vip722, Xbox, DVD, playstation2 and Wii. Right now the 722 uses hdmi,the dvd player uses component,xbox uses component, and the playstation/Wii uses the AV (they hook up to a switch) all to my TV. My 722, dvd, TV and xbox have optical...
  13. rhdj

    Is 522 Mpeg4 ready?

    If this big move to MPEG4 happens is my 522 mpeg4 ready or do I need to upgrade. I assume since its a newer model that it is ready to go.
  14. rhdj

    What is a wing Dish?

    I am in South Texas, I have the two dish setup. One for 110,119 and another for 61.5. I get every hd channel but FoxSW (it is only on 129) I have heard you can use a "wing dish"to pick it up. I assume it am oval dish I have seen around town but not sure. I want to keep my 61.5 dish and get Foxsw...
  15. rhdj

    722-analog signal

    My 722 detects all my digital/hd channels that are range, I added them no problem to the guide and they work great. Is there a way to add analog channels to the guide? I pay for locals due to the number of tvs in the house and use rabbit ears to get the digitals on the 722. Some of the local OTA...
  16. rhdj

    TW San Antonio just added>>>

    TW in SA just added weather channel HD and Fox Buisness in HD. I do not what the look like , I am in Corpus Christi but read blogs from SA. I thought those were not ready for HD as of yet?? Can anyone shed some light on this. They may be upconverts, not sure. I wonder if these are on the BIG 7...
  17. rhdj

    New local channel

    Morning guys, I am in Corpus Christi, Texas with a question about locals. We got a new Channel come up this Morning as a Fox affilate. The old affilate channel is still on dish, The Uplink report does show the new channel but it does not show up this Morning on my guide. How does dish usually...