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    Hughes VSAT??
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    Hughes VSAT??

    Sorry I forgot you where smarter than all the Hughes and Prodelin Engineers.
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    Hughes VSAT??

    Also with that radio unit you have to make sure you are pointing to a transponder that has opposite polarity. For instance H for receive and V for transmit. You might be able to get a signal on a transmitter that is and H H but you will not be able to cross pol. If you are using a vertical...
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    Hughes VSAT??

    That "heat tape as you call it" is designed for this dish. The reflector on the dish has a unit that senses ice build up and kicks a heater on. The tie strap that is around the feed horn is connected to the heating element and deices the LNB. It is perfectly safe and commonly used even in the...
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    Do You Really Get 12Mbps?

    6.91 Mbps is High speed. It is faster than some DSL and cable plans in certain areas of the country. If satellite is your only option, be happy that they have finally started offering a decent service speed. A year ago that 6.91 Mbps would have been lower than 691 kbps.
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    What Do You Do For Online Gaming

    I play online video games at-least 2 hours per day. It is a hobby of mine that helps me blow off stress. I also work full time, I recently went back "full time" to school to finish my Computer Engineering degree, and have a family that I support. I see nothing wrong with with playing video...
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    networking question

    What is the brand of modem, and the brand of router you have? Basically you will go out one of the modem ports to the internet port of the router just like you had it connected before. If the IP addresses are not the same it should work fine.
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    DishNet Satellite Broadband - Oct 1st

    You may look into getting an old HughesNet 7000 system off ebay. Then you would not have a contract
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    So... Is StarBand going to upgrade?

    Hughes is continuing to hold on to the KU band right now. Almost 90% of their Enterprise market is on it. They also want to be able to still support the mobile deployment internet applications as well.
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    So... Is StarBand going to upgrade?

    I thought starband went out of business?
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    Gen4 Rumors

    the status meter is built into the 1000 modem also. Not sure how up to date it is though.
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    Gen4 Rumors

    I did a beta today, the second one I have installed so far. The systems are far easier to install then the 9000. Wait time for downloading configuration is 1/4th the time. I cannot wait to try the installation after the Oasis app is released. The best part about the 1000 is the dapt is not a...
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    Gen4 Rumors

    Apples and Oranges.
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    Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City

    I want to move to Kansas now.
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    StarBand Echo*9 121 & Bjirdog Ultra

    If you are using -> click on the News and Downloads-> click on configure -> from there you will see two boxes. The one on the left is the available satellites that can be loaded. You will find the 121 starband satellite there, highlight it and click the > arrow to move it over. Then...
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    Accessing/Monitoring a HughesNet HN7000 or HN9000 Modem System Pages Remotely

    The only way you could do this is to have a computer with Remote Access connected to the modem. I do this all the time with our routers, firewall, and modems by connecting to our server through a remote desktop connection. You will need to port forward 3389 to the computer you wish to have...
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    Wild Blue Uniforms

    You can have custom uniforms made pretty easily at your local print shop.
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    2008 R2 TS web access security certificate help

    Tried editing the \host file a couple of different ways with no luck. Added the web address to trusted sites on IE as well. With Firefox I can choose to save the certificate, but I have not found a way for IE9 to save it.
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    2008 R2 TS web access security certificate help

    We do have it set with a static. I figured it would be something like that. Thanks for the info ill give it a try.