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  1. raygil2

    BBC in 4K

    540 is turned on now at 540 starts 4k satuday night 9:00pm
  2. raygil2

    my upgrae too hopper with sling 3

    called at 9:00AM too dish could up grade also could do it that day .installer got here at 2:00pm. willl he put the hoppeer 3 in an hadtroullb frist thing could get it check switch . so he could for help a nether tech out an he fixed right awy. hah too take odl lnb put up a new hybrid twin ea 2...
  3. raygil2

    Qustion about new UI hope someone can help

    wich way would be better too an has the least proublems with it. download new Ui or get new hopper3 . i want the new UI . i have hopper with sling now . to get new UI wich should i go with least pproubloms.
  4. raygil2


    will a vip 625 recvier work on eastern arch . only hve sd tv
  5. raygil2

    disney jr

    other site i look at for up link reports today shows disney jr on 168 but is in test an unavible but its coming
  6. raygil2

    what dish needs too do wifi they have this in blacksburg va

    ?The network unveiled on Thursday is built to reach upload and download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, about 100 times that of a typical connection.
  7. raygil2


    dirt team help my 922 just died an going too down grade too a 722k sun. can you help get it done i have a appment sun can you get me up today
  8. raygil2

    922 pre set timers

    i have trouble with my timers an the dvr. i have programs that i set too record shows at night . this week on mon. an thr. nights on preset reacouring timers . the timers started an show they record something . but when click on the pics showing what i recoroded it starts an runs about 2 min...
  9. raygil2


    how long afther install does it take for sling too work clicked on it say data not there
  10. raygil2

    got my bill with newpices

    :eek: my bill for march 6 went up $10.00 more a mouth
  11. raygil2

    fox news

    both fox news channel are in last uplink when will they go live for for evryone / 205 and 206 in Hd in last uplink
  12. raygil2

    charles should be happy with this

    Dish Network Awarded $8.3 Million in Attorney Fees just saw this im news mabe charlie will see it an give use some new hd channels that we want tongiht! so my little tommy can watch some new channls ? If he doen't give use new hd channels I hope he get a lump of coal in his stocking...
  13. raygil2

    Hd channels ????????

    If everyone will remember back in srping they add some hd channels right before tech chat one time anyone eles rember when they did that ???they didnt stat too show up on gride till about 8 pm that night dont want to get anyones hope but hope they do that tonight i think it was in apeil tech...