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    New Satellite slots

    Have a link
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    Dish a la carte

    I m having trouble searching for the rules and fees for a la carte on Dish If I want to get one channel like Bloomberg what are the fees associated with it besides the channel cost of $1.50? Is there a receiver fee? etc This is for a second home and I already have an old 301 and an...
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    OnSat out of business

    Latest news is that Orbit will be taking over OnSat's subscribers. I guess good news but still a little sad to see them go.
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    OnSat out of business

    Actually OnSat has been publishing DCII progamming for some time. 4DTV guides are painfully slow and a magazine is still nice. In addition they published wild feeds on their website. The latest rumor is that OnSat is selling most operations to Orbit Magazine. We shall see how all this turns out.
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    OnSat out of business

    According to ditkomaniac over at satforums, OnSat published its last issue and will go out of business. Sad to see this because it really shows how low C-Band subs have really dropped.
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    Cablevision Removing Analog Services

    Thanks. That is weird out of the 38 service areas cablevision serves only 14 get that channel. Thanks! These are the places that get Galavision: Bridgeport Elizabeth Hudson County Newark Paterson Riverhead, Southampton, Southold, East Hampton and Shelter Island Hauppauge Lynbrook...
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    Comcast Digital - remove favorites LIST

    They get deleted after the STB looses power
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    Cablevision Removing Analog Services

    Scott I am confused about this a bit. I looked at the channel guide and do not see Galavision listed. I do not think any city in CV's footprint has it at all. CSPAN is already digital only. Was this an old memo? or was this an official notification?
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    Sign a petition and keep Monsters HD on the air.

    Online Petition Save Monsters HD Petition : [ powered by ]
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    Comcast/TiVO is here

    Same for me - no skip then no TiVo Why would I pay a premium and not get this critical feature?
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    How do I Perform a Factory Reset on a 508?

    Thanks but the code sequence in that thread does not work on a 508. Does anyone out there know the correct code?
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    Comcast boston - cable cards all digital?

    Everything in Boston is simulcasted in digital - everything
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    How do I Perform a Factory Reset on a 508?

    Thanks - I am quite familiar with all these procedures. I am looking to factory reset the whole receiver. i.e. wipe out the hard drive and reset all settings and re-download all software
  14. rtt2 awesome deal!

    Actually it is a partnership between Waste Management and Sony. You can drop off any old TV to an approved Wate Management location and get the voucher. More info on the program: | Locations:
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    How do I Perform a Factory Reset on a 508?

    How do I perform a factory reset on a 508?
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    Dish courtesy call

    Didn't they also want toio see if anyone was using the receiver when she dissappeared?
  17. rtt2 awesome deal!

    If you turn a broken or used tv into sony they will give you off $100 of a new TV
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    Dish courtesy call

    Remember Scott Peterson killed his wife and Dish Network turned over records of his DVR? Dish had a lot of info of what his actions were down to the keystroke. I can only imagine they have improved the technology since then. They also sell the viewership records in aggregate to Nielsen
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    Fox News Sues Echostar

    Fox Business is complete crap - We tried it for a few days at work but the novelty soon wore off and quickly switched back to CNBC. Pretty graphics and good looking women only get you so far. When it comes to hard news - that relies on accuracy and no fluff Fox falters. I really do not know...
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    Imus to be on RFD-TV, should Dish Network/Rotten Rupert be concerned?

    Who actually listens to Imus? He gets something like a .7 - 1.3 share Even the people that replaced him on radio got higher ratings.