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    CBS Sports

    Has been added to PS Vue. Woot! I guess Hulu took too long to go live with Roku as now I don't give a big hoot since this has been added.
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    Programming Thoughts/Rant

    Did you notice that almost all providers have a channel or channels that you like but are not available with only one service? For example, Discovery is missing from Sling, Hulu Live, YouTube, and a few others. A&E and History are missing from PS Vue, YouTube etc. So many miss either Discovery...
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    AT&T Sportsnet

    I was at moms and she has cable and I noticed that my RSN Root (Pittsburgh) is now AT&T Sportsnet so I assume it will come to DTV Now soon? Strong assumption or no chance?
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    Hulu Live For Roku

    Anybody know when this service will be available? I missed the Beta sign up date, Hi Scott, Long time no see!