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    Hopper w/Sling.... whole bunch of recorded shows are now gone

    I've had a timer for some years recording all new Dancing With the Stars and putting them in a DWTS folder. My wife hadn't watched one in a couple years so I decided to delete the timer a couple months back. So today I happened to notice that there was no counter on the DWTS folder. Sure...
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    Hopper w/Sling... forward/back skip on streaming is terrible

    I was streaming an On Demand movie and used the Skip Forward and Skip Back buttons and the interface was terrible. I got stuck icons in the lower right part of the screen, stuck buffering indicators and it was difficult to tell where it was. The only way to clean it up was to use Pause and Play...
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    I can no longer see my account data on

    I tried to log in this week and I am suddenly seeing every page that would normally have some account data giving me a page that says: This Page Does Not Exist The page you were looking for is...
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    Two HD TVs, one DVR... can it be done?

    I'm looking at upgrading from SD to HD on two TVs. I now have a 625 box and all is good. But there's no box that does the same thing providing HD to both TVs. I was given a 722 box with the idea of possibly running two 722 devices, but that doesn't seem to be the most desirable approach. I...
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    Why is my tuner suddently at channel 101 when I turn it on?

    For a couple days now, I'm finding that when I turn on my 625 receiver, whether TV1 or TV2, it will be at Dish info channel 101 instead of the channel I was on when I turned it off? Any idea why this would be happening now?
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    Adding ViP722

    I currently do not have HD, and I use a model 625 DVR receiver for 2 TVs. My plan is to upgrade in the near future to HD (when I get a couple new TVs). Today I was given a ViP722 DVR receiver. My question is... what can I do with it, now and in the future? Is it at all operational without...