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  1. rkrenicki

    LOL, some hacker tried to IM me today..

    Its been a long while since I have been here.. how has everyone been? Today, I was greeted to a new trick.. I had someone use AOL Instant Messenger to ask me how to steal dish network. He went by the name of "AkaJJ21" and is apparently an AOL user (I have his IP logged) [19:44] AkaJJ21...
  2. rkrenicki

    DMSi 15K LNBs.... Any good?

    I am starting to collect the parts for my big C-Band move.. I picked up some 15K LNBs by DMSI from They look alot smaller then the original LNB, and the Norsat I picked up.. Are these really any good? Does anyone have any experience with them?
  3. rkrenicki

    Got my BUD.. now what to do..

    I ended up retrieving a 10 foot (I think.. it might be 9) M/A-Com C-band mesh dish. Cant beat the price of free with a dead horse, so I took it down for the guy and just needs some minor refurbishing. The dish has alot of steel hardware that has rusted up, I am working on removing all of...
  4. rkrenicki

    Cant stay logged in

    All of the sudden for the last week, I cant stay logged into this site. For the last few months, I havent had to put my password in every single time I goto this site, but I forgot the password (was trying to check from another computer) and I set the password to a known value. Ever since...
  5. rkrenicki

    Good bye puny dish.. Hello Big Dish!

    Looks like I finally got a line on a C-band dish.. I am going to go check it out tomorrow, all I know is that its mesh, and about 8 feet.. other then that, I am going in blind. At least the price is right.. $0!
  6. rkrenicki

    This cant be right.. Movie Central HD in the clear DVB?

    According to Lyngsat, on Anik F2R, 3874 H 9000 is Canadas Movie Central HD as clear DVB.. Someone should check this out.. only can hope that it stays.. it would be great news for c-band HD-DVB users :)
  7. rkrenicki

    Took the poor girl down today...

    Well.. I had to take my FTA dishes down today.. the poor girl didnt even see it coming.. Thats what happens when you have to move however. The new place has a big tree right around 80-95 degrees I just hope that I can still get IA5 after this. At least I will be able to find a place for my...
  8. rkrenicki

    Starchoice new HD channels.. When?

    I know that Starchoice is going to be launching some new HD channels in October.. Has anyone heard the finalization of what channels, and when? I dont have my reciever hooked up at the moment, so I cant check myself.. They are all packed up for the impending move.. I hope to get my dish...
  9. rkrenicki

    Its my Dream come true.. the HD + PVR Capable DVB reciever... Its a base reference design for the BCM97315 single-chip HD Satellite reciever.. ITs got it all.. DVB and DirecTV decoding (not decryption), IDE Interface for PVR, Componant output, AC3 decode.. the work Man, I want to get one of...
  10. rkrenicki

    Patching up holes... Suggestions?

    Well, I am getting ready to move.. already packed up most of the FTA equipment, next thing is to take down the dishes.. My problem here is.. what is the best way to plug up the lag holes? I was thinking of using some slightly larger lag bolts,and putting some roofing caulk around them to...
  11. rkrenicki

    11720 on G10r

    Is it just me, or is the signal on G10R 11720 V much better? I fired up my reciever for the first time in about a month, and my signal is now at 62%! (from the 40-45% I was getting before) I have not done a single thing to my dish, and IA5 is still coming in nice and strong too.
  12. rkrenicki

    Starchoice Sunday Ticket Problems?

    Is it just me, or is there a problem with NFL Sunday Ticket on Starchoice? When I call them, their menu says: "Due to high call volume, current wait time exceeds 60 minutes." ..... this is more then minorly annoying
  13. rkrenicki

    DSR505 Price Drop on

    They finally dropped the price on the DSR505 to $194.95CAD (or $168.58USD) I am going to pick up another.. and move the DSR500 to my bedroom (such a fast box compared to the DSR205!
  14. rkrenicki

    Whats the deal with the CBC?

    So, apparently there is a union lockout for the CBC? I thought it odd that they were playing "This Hour has 22 Minutes" instead of the CBC Morning News... although technically news, not exactly the news I expected (then again, I dont watch CBC News, I just put that on until the Red Green Show...
  15. rkrenicki

    Frankenciever AC3 troubles

    Well... I completely rewired my entertainment system, so I have three hi-def sources (DCT6412, DSR500, and Dish811), with digital audio from all including my FTA recevier, the Frankenciever. (a rebuilt Pantec MS, a Pansat 2500a clone) I have the PCM audio working fine for all the channels, but...
  16. rkrenicki

    My Mini-BUD Project

    Some of you may recall that I aquired a 1.2m dish from my employer a few weeks ago, and since then it has been sitting in my gameroom, not doing anything. My sister expressed interest in watching Canadian Idol (when I told her that I can recieve CTV via Starchoice), and I discovered that ASN on...
  17. rkrenicki

    An inexpensive equipment rack

    I have been running into heat problems with my equipment.. 3 satellite receivers, and a cable box, as well as a surround sound system, and video game consoles all crammed into a small area on top of eachother, will definately heat up some. I wanted to get a rack of some sort, to keep the...
  18. rkrenicki

    Slaving an analog reciever....

    My analog reciever finally showed. Its a Panasonic PS-700EX w/built in Dolby Surround decoding (not prologic, but the old matrix system) Now, obviously, I am not going to use the built in sound system, but it has a audio out, which will be used instead.... Now, back to my point, I am confused...
  19. rkrenicki

    Its alive... ITS ALIVE!!! The Franken-ciever lives again!

    After a few reincarnations, my Pantec MS (Pansat 2500a Clone) lives again... This time with much better powersupplies than it has ever had before... no sir, no dying power supplies this time. I forgot to drill a hole for the Svideo connector, but I am not using that on this TV anyways.. I...
  20. rkrenicki

    22kHz switch Passthru..

    Ok, I have gears turning in my head now. I am thinking about taking down the Phase 2 for now, and mounting a DBS LNBF onto my motorized dish. I would like to not use my DiSEqC 4x1, since its pretty flakey at best. What I want to do is mount a 22kHz switch on the arm of my dish, and a jumper...