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    FREE C and Ku Band Dishes. Moving

    Moving to Florida and the Dishes are not going. If you want them you just need to come and get them. Southeastern Mass. Just let me know.
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    Heroes and Icons is on in Boston

    Heroes and Icons (H&I), WSBK2, Channel 38.2, is on in Boston.
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    Movies, Channel 25.2, in Boston Changed to Escape Channel today

    Was setting up my Channel Master DVR to record today and noticed the programming didn't match the guide. Later in the day I turned to the Channel and was looking at a Test pattern for about 5 to 10 minutes, I had to see what was going on, then all of a sudden the Escape Channel programming came...
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    Get TV and Decades in Rhode Island

    Did a rescan to look for WPRI, 12.3, Get Tv. Showed up in the scan-No programming yet. Also found WLWC, 28.3, Decades-Live with programming. Still no WNAC, 64.3, LAFF-Listed as "coming soon" for awhile-still nothing.