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    KTI polar mount

    After years of procastination, finally started process of refurbishing my 10ft KTI dish today :) New pole mounted so it's on to the polar mount. I can probably soak the rust off and re-use but does anyone know where are I can source polar mount hardware, mainly bolts? Please see...
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    Conical scalar and Ku?

    Cleaning out garage yesterday and found my conical scalar, which I had used on a miniBUD, and was wondering if it would be of any benefit for Ku?
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    Anyone recognize these transponder?

    Going a little stir crazy being trapped at home thought I'd point west and see what I could find. Scanned in a couple transponders trying to find 180E but no TV or radio stations found. Anyone recognize?
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    SL1PLL vs. UL1PLL

    Took apart my Ku dish a few weeks ago to replace some rusty hardware and can't find my SL1PLL LNB. As I did find a UL1PLL unopened in box, would there be any downside in performance using that compared to standard LNB? It might be fun to scan some of the eastern satellites but otherwise I...
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    KII Pro DVB-S2 box?

    Anyone ever have any experience with KII Pro Android DVB-S2-DVB-T2 TV box? It's basically an Amlogic S905 Android box with DVB S2/T2 tuners. They sell for 70-80 dollars depending upon where you purchase. I don't see expect it to perform as some high end end device but given that LibreELEC...
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    Manhattan's Future 4K Receiver Discussion

    The 2017 Manhattan box most of us are waiting for is the Hisilicon 3798 V200 based model which should be out this quarter.
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    Actuator wire guage

    Going to be replacing some wire and may add second run should I decide to change location of positioner. For a run of 150-160 feet, would you recommend 16 or 18 AWG? Out of curiosity, how far can you go with 18AWG reliably?
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    Actuator install

    I'm going to remount my 10' KTI and will be installing new actuator. I picked up a Powermax PMA24 from WSI before they shut down which is still in the box but based upon comments I've read it may not be the best option. Any thoughts on installing the PMA24 or should I just skip it and...
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    HH motor horizon limits

    Its the weekend and math part of my brain isn't fully functioning so here goes. Is there a way to "cheat" setting up an HH motor so that the dish could be moved thru an arc of only ~70° however it would be between dish elevation of something like 1°- 40°
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    actuator range

    Just curious how far off true south people are able to go with their setup? I'm guessing different mounts have different capabilities but what sort of range, ie how many degrees east or west are you able to go with your C band setup?
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    C1-PLL - bolt size?

    Had some time to play this afternoon and went out to install C1-PLL but the bolt size for the scalar isn't 1/4" so I'm guessing its metric? I can bring one of the bolts to Home Depot but thought I'd ask if anyone knew the size before I make a trip
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    New receiver shopping

    Hey All, Been a while but I'm looking for a new receiver and just thought I'd see what I might get to upgrade my Azbox Ultra. Blindscan is a must and I'd like 4:2:2 if possible but my guess is it may be hard to find. Anyone care to share their thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    Directv Everywhere?

    My wife would like to switch to Directv and in considering options I saw something about Directv Everywhere but can't seem to find out much information. Is it the same thing as Dish Anywhere? Does Directv have some sort of Sling device built in to receiver or is extra hardware required?
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    10 foot mesh flat deck mount

    Looking for a NonPen flat deck mount for a 10 foot mesh dish. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Genie + 3 Mini Genies vs. separate HD receivers?

    Re-evaluating my current provider options and looking at Genie and just wondering how picture quality and overall reliability of mini Genie compared to separate HD receiver. 5 HDTVs total, at least 3 need DVR although 4 or 5 OK. Also considering Hopper/Joey but its challenging to figure...
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    4dtv for idiots

    With all of the recent discussion on 4dtv is there any sort of idiots guide or whats required? I currently don't have a 4dtv receiver and just wondering what I might be able to get, ie how frequently are channels in the clear or if all of the discussion relates to subbed channels and/or is a...
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    Deck mounting 8ft dish?

    Looking for recommendations on how to best deck mount an 8ft dish? There must be some sort of non-penetrating deck roof mount for a dishes that size as I see them on the roof of several buildings here is LA
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    8ft dish options?

    Consider upgrading from my 6ft to an 8ft and just thought I'd get some suggestions on options. Does look like Sadoun is selling them anymore so that just leaves WSI or am I missing another source? I don't really want to start knocking on doors... at least yet. Thoughts?
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    AZtrino v1.5 for HD boxes posted on AZBox website

    Set Top Boxes, Media Center: High Definition | AZBOX
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    AZBOX RTi Core v1.7.0 Enigma 2 - Blindscan now supported

    Enigma 2 of 28.02.2012 Kernel of Sun Feb 19 22:34:11 CET 2012 mip Drivers of 17.02.2012 What is new in RTi Core v1.7.0: - Fixed HDMI , added new way of controling A/V output. - Added blindscan for Premium+ and Ultra ( Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Manual Scan -> Type of scan: Move...