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    Joeys losing connection to H3

    1 H3 3 J2 1 WJ Until today everything was humming along fine as usual. Today I have routinely been losing connection/link with my H3. Checking their status on the H3 shows their status as unlinked. Each time I have to unplug all of the Joeys and reset the H3 to reestablish a connection. Any...
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    Remote 50.0 trackpad stops working

    The 50 model remote's trackpad no longer works. It is paired to my Joey and has worked fine in the past. Happened last week but started working again the next day. Now it will not work again. The buttons work but not the trackpad (swipes) but the click action works. Replaced with fresh...
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    Need to move H3

    My H3 was installed last month and the tech used the existing cable that my original Hopper was connected to. I now need to move my entertainment system incl the H3 to the opposite side of the room. In order to move the system I will need to add an extension to both my Dish and Comcast...
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    IPad app issues

    I use your iPad app as my main method to read your forums. For some time the app has been very difficult to use. It freezes, loads slowly, and is generally erratic. As I type this message, the keyboard lags behind the letters I type.
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    FYI-Little Rock locals down

    Got home to dead locals. Dish is aware and working on the problem.
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    Cannot access the 9000's

    My old 722 could access the entire channel spectrum but since I got the hopper the My Channels list only goes to the 800's with only 3 inconsequential channels in the 9000's before starting back at channel 1. How would I, for example, access ESPN at 9421 when it went out for a while today if I...
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    Don't subscribe to MS package but have some channels

    While I do not subscribe to the multi-sport package I do get some of the channels like BeIn, NHL, pac12 and NFL. Until a day or 2 ago I was getting USN but now it is showing as unsubscribed. I'd like to get it back but am afraid to call Dish as that may cause me to lose the rest of the channels...
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    Need advice-Dish accounts in 2 states

    I need some expert advice. I am a long time Atlanta Dish customer with a Dish 500, 522 DVR and another single TV DVR and subscribe to locals. I am relocating (actual physical move) to Pittsbrgh and will have my wife in house 1 (Atlanta) and I will be living in house 2 (Pittsburgh) for a while...