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  1. KennyR

    The 10 ft channel master I reworked.

    First time I ever saw a bird try to build a nest on a dish,, thought I would share a picture before removing it.
  2. KennyR

    10ft channel master

    Rescued another dish this morning
  3. KennyR

    Found this growing beside/ in a really big pine tree this evening.

    I was wondering if this is a good find and if so would be worth restoring and replacing my 10ft Un-imesh. It is a 10.5ft Raydx all aluminum including the mount and with all bolts stainless, the dish is deeper also.
  4. KennyR

    My fun project for today

    This was fun,mig welded a 4 ft extension on my 6 ft pole to clear those tree's. Installed the mount off a ladder, then stood on the tail gate of my truck and with the wife's help put the dish on the mount. Took 3.5 hours - and 20 minutes to line it back up. so far I am getting 58w to 137w. Was...
  5. KennyR

    Stab HH90 help

    Motor moves west normal , east is really slow. I have had no luck finding a circuit board which i think is the problem. google is not being my friend. tried stab web site no help either. I think water may have gotten in the coax connection on motor, but not sure that caused the issue.motor works...
  6. KennyR

    Picture of my C-band dish

    Here is a picture of my newly acquired 10' Uni-mesh,Scanning the sky from 58w to 137w. had to convert the mesh for Ku, that was a lot of fun (many screws there) ku signal in the 70's. I started out with a 5.5' unimesh then went to the 7.5' unimesh on the temp pole picture. That saying bigger is...
  7. KennyR

    amc-18 (105W)

    Looking for advice- if skew or focal distance would cause the channels on amc-18 (105W) - 3920 V 30000 to work at night and not during the day. sun on dish dosnt make a diff. Openbox S-9, G-Box, 92" uni-mesh, bsc621-2 lnb, 100ft quad shield rg-6. thanks for any help.