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  1. rvvaquero

    Dual Tuner OTA adapter (AirTV)

    I have two AirTV tuners for my Wally. Neither is as good as my Sony TV tuner or my Tivo Premiere tuner.
  2. rvvaquero

    Xponders not working

    If you were using a dedicated satellite cable in your RV, it shouldn't go through any switches. If you were using the "Cable TV" connection, it goes through the switch and your satellite receiver won't work well that way. The smart switch uses voltage which interferes with the receiver to dish...
  3. rvvaquero

    my account

    No problem here. Did you guys pay your bill?
  4. rvvaquero

    Xponders not working

    Connect the dish cable directly to the receiver and see if it makes a difference. Some RV's have quality cable installed, others are junk. I ran direct lines when using portable dishes in my 12 years of full time RV'ing and had good quality signal.
  5. rvvaquero

    You think Dish Disputes are bad...

    You ever been married?
  6. rvvaquero

    At&t may sell Direct TV for only 15 Billion

    The crew on a sinking ship does not jump aboard another ship which is sinking faster.
  7. rvvaquero

    Tech visit for OTA Adapter??

    That's what I and many others have done. I never contacted DISH at all.
  8. rvvaquero

    Hulu + Live TV will no longer have RSNs

    Perhaps, but by posting it here it helps to give credibility to DISH's approach to dealing with Sinclair's irrational method of selling their product.
  9. rvvaquero

    Sinclair and RSNs

    If the RSN's really believed that they are worth what is being asked, then they wouldn't hesitate to put those channels on the open market via streaming or A La Carte. Truth is they are sucker fish hitching a ride on the backs of cable, internet, and satellite packages.
  10. rvvaquero

    DISH retention offers

    Did you call the Loyalty number?
  11. rvvaquero

    Guys, I'm worried...

    Good luck and good health to you JSheridan. Oh, and use a local doctor if you have a good one. :)
  12. rvvaquero

    dish has no signal

    No, but if I have a problem with the work in the next six months or so he will not charge me to correct it.
  13. rvvaquero

    dish has no signal

    How would being a power user who knows how to do many things themselves help in this case. Even if you diagnosed it yourself and determined that the receiver is bad, DISH told him it requires a technician visit. I've never had a technician visit of any kind, installation or repair. However...
  14. rvvaquero

    dish has no signal

    I wonder if the technician comes out and finds the Hopper is defective, would the "equipment warranty" cover the cost of the visit.
  15. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    Yes, it's different. I'm not a politically correct kind of guy. I don't have a problem referring to us as mankind, as a group. However, I would object to being called a girl, though. When you address a single person by the wrong gender, it is insulting and different from addressing a group...
  16. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    I've met others who do that. I think it's lazy and inconsiderate on your part. I doubt you would appreciate being called a girl, or other things you are not.
  17. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    I'm not even going to ask how many genders there are these days. I remember when "dude" was a put down from a real cowboy. :cool:
  18. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    I didn't think I was exaggerating. This subject has been brought up many, many times about how bad DISH CSR's are. There have probably been thousands of comments about it. AlaJoe was just venting. I don't think he was looking for any definitive solutions, thus leaving the thread open to...
  19. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    No, Radioguy, it doesn't matter. I was just curious. In fact, none of this matters, it's just conversation. The OP's problem doesn't matter, the OP was just venting and felt the need to post the transcript of a private conversation. Please forgive me for going off subject after the issue had...
  20. rvvaquero

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    Mariciel may have preferred that, I don't really care. I was just curious how AlaJoe knew that Mariciel is a dude's name. I've never heard of it before and would have guessed it was female.