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    C/Ku Band Best LNB

    Hi Guys My C/Ku band LNB is death (sigh). Well, just the Ku but still.... I was searching locally in Toronto and found a cheap C/Ku but his performance is not too good. I miss my old DMS International LNB. Excellent. it was the unit with the Ku orange cover. Other LNB that I have been using...
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    4K Satellite @ 40.5W, TP 4544

    Hi Guys I have seen these 4K feeds at this satellite, SES-6 @40.5W. According to Lyngsat, it is broadcasting this 4k feed over North America. My point is, what LNB will be required to receive this transponder? I did try my Titanium C2W-PLL (so far my best C-Band LNB ever) but even though it has...
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    Any DVB-S2 Android box with quad core processor and octal video interface yet?

    Lots of Android+DVB-S2 boxes on Internet, most of them based on the dual core 1.5 Ghz. Most of the new Android boxes rely on quadcore chips with octacore GPU. Does anyone knows if is there any DVB-S2/Android box yet based on the new chips ( quadcore plus octacore GPU?)
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    GEOSATpro MES Version

    Is there any newer MED version that the one posted in the link below?
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    Offset Antenna 2.4 Ghz

    A friend of mine told me he was given this antenna for free and wants to know what he can do on C-Band. What is his best option? What does he needs to receive C-Band? Also what are the options for KU and what does he needs? The antenna seems to have been used for data transmission. :eeek
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    Fine tuning the C-Band LNB Best Practices?

    Hi Guys, How to know when the LNB has reached its optimum point, before tihgting up scres & bolts? WIth the snow already melt and temperature continuing to rise in SW Ontario, it won't be too long before playing again with my 6' BUD. Is there any best practices to tune the C-Band LNB up? Ku...
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    ALternatives to Lyngsat

    I have found Lyngsat too slow to update files and you end wasting time scanning TP that no longer exist. Which is the Satellite site that keep the most updated TP and channels information?
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    Luken on 87 C is back

    WIth all the rumors that Luken was going to surprise us by the end of the month, yesterday, I scanned 87 C at 4000 H, 29125 and.... surprise!!!! Luken is back!!!. I got 34 channels with a 6ft dish, and a micro HD receiver. Signal was fluctuating around 70% in a very cloudy, snowy day. Please...
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    Any good FTA store in the Chicago area?

    I am planning to be in Chicago next week, which is the best FTA shop on the vicinity?
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    Alert!!!! Simon Bolivar @ 78W available in NA.

    Powersurge gave me the tip today ( thanks!!!!) I was only able to open one TP, 3885, but there is almsot 8 channels there. Signal? Full!!! 90%, signal quality 71%, using a fortec 6 ft and a NS 741 C&Ku LNBF.
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    SOmething wrong with SES-6 ( 40.5W)?

    I have lost a lot of channels at SES-6, basically everyday at least one channel is gone. Four months ago, when NSS-806 was still there, there were more than 220 channels. A wild scan now comes up with barely 80. I thought the new channel had the polarity type changed from circular to linear but...
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    Amiko Allien 2 Vs AZ Box Mini Me

    Has anyone tried both boxes and can supply some feedback? I would like to have a single receiver to do IPTV and FTA and would like to be able to make a decision based on this comparison. At least that some one else knows another receiver that can do both and may be or equal or better quality...
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    Resizing C-Ban dish

    I was told there was a thread about resizing the c-band dish, apparently starting with aluminum foil on cardboard and later upgraded to metal. Sort of upsizing for from 6 to 8 or similar. I have been doing some searching with no luck, does someone remember the location, name, etc of that thread?
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    Actuator Too Noisy

    I am moving my 6ft with a SuperPowerJack HARL-3618+, 18" actuator. No complains in terms of performance, it moves really well, however it is too noisy. So fay my neighbours haven't complained and I tried not to move the dish at night, except in winter when almost everyone closes the windows...
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    Trimax 4500 or Sathero SH-500G w/GPS

    I have been given permission by my boss (please change the word "boss" by "wife") to buy one sat finder of less than CAN$400. I have come down to two options: Trimax 4500 Sather 500G w/GPS Both units allow you to watch DVB-S, Trimax has Spectrum Analyzer that Sathero does not seem to have...
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    Hi Guys I have noticed that I am not able to play any movie from memory sticks or HD with the MicroHD. I can record movies; I recorded a CBC documentary (107W) but was not later able to watch it. The microHD player, does not even show any file in the momeory stick, it is like it were empty...
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    Posible bug with new Firmware dated 8/23

    Hi There I believe something change changed with the new firmware. Even though it has a lot of new things that I love, I found out that anoyiing thing; the menu keeps the previous position in memory for the installation menu rather than the current pisition. Example; Let's say I am watching a...
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    MicroHD Sensibility

    I would like to share my experience with the MicroHD sensitivity starting a new thread. I aimed my 6ft Fortec dish to 87W, got all the channels even the RTV Chs at 3800. Swapped my box with my old Openbox S9, no signal at all for 3800, only RVT channels from 4800. I assume the MicroHD tuner is...
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    Openbox s9 Remote Control Function not working

    Hi guys First of all let's discard the remote control unit. I bought a second RC and tried it but it did not work. I tried both remote controls (the original and the second one I bought) and nothing. I tried the RC at a friends box and both RC worked. So it is not the remote control device...
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    Strongest Transponder list

    Hi there Sticky had a thread with the strongest transponder in each satellite, but that thread is already closed. However a lot of water has gone under the bridge since first published in 2006. Even some of those sat are not longer available, being replaced with new ones. Was the most updated...