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  1. jscud

    Ion Media comes to Portland ME

    OTA channel 35 in Portland ME, formerly WPME a MyTV network, is now WIPL an Ion network complete with sub channels broadcasting Qubo, IonLife and 3 shopping networks. The former WPME MyTV and Laff programming is now being broadcast as additional sub channels of WPXT 51.
  2. jscud

    Charge! comes to WPFO Portland ME

    Portland Maine's WPFO channel 23.2 is now "Charge!". According to Wikipedia: "Programming on Charge! is culled primarily from MGM's library of films and TV series, expressed by Sinclair's press release announcing the launch as "one of the deepest libraries of premium action-themed content in...
  3. jscud

    WGME 13.2 in Portland ME now TBD

    Portland Maine's WGME 13.2, which was GetTV, is now the TBD network. According to Wikipedia, TBD's schedule features various web-originated films, scripted and unscripted series, showcase programming, and featurettes. I'm going to miss GetTV :-(
  4. jscud

    Boston DMA Plus in VT

    Here is a question for someone who has first hand knowledge or lives in the Brattleboro VT area and is or knows a Dish Subscriber. That section of VT has both Boston and Burlington stations. According to the Dish website only the Big Four Boston networks are in HD. Most all other stations out...
  5. jscud

    Replacement VIP211K won't show previous DVR shows

    My daughter had to replace her silver VIP211. Dish sent a VIP211K. The old VIP211 had the DVR function activated and the new VIP211K does have DVR functionality. The problem is that all of the shows previously recorded by the old VIP211 show up, but can't be played. If she tries, the screen...
  6. jscud

    Mark shows unwatched on Hopper

    Is it possible to mark a previously viewed DVR recording or folder of recordings as 'unwatched'? John
  7. jscud

    Error 1316 Reset MoCA connection

    This problem started after the recent software upgrade. Never saw this prior to that. I have 1 HWS and 1 Joey. Several minutes into watching a DVR program on the Joey, the following message pops up: Attention 1316 "Another TV has reset the MoCA connection. This will interrupt your...
  8. jscud

    Application Software version number

    It has been a week since my HWS/Joey was installed and the Apps are still not working. When I look at the 'System Info' screen there is no number after "Application Software". Is that why none of the Apps are functional? I have done both soft and hard resets, but the Apps are still MIA. Is...
  9. jscud

    DTV HD Satellites

    My neighbor, who has his main residence in NJ, has a DTV SD package with NYC locals. A year ago I installed a 3 lnb dish for him at up here at his camp in NH. He carries his receiver back and forth. As far as I can tell he is only using the satellite at 101, I could have used a single lnb dish...
  10. jscud

    HughesNet Parts ID

    The manger of our local "Recovery Park" (AKA 'The Dump') has been keeping an eye out for me in collecting old Satellite Dishes. While most of the things taken from the dump are legacy D* and E* dishes, I have had a few jems. Last spring someone brought in an old 121 SuperDish. I converted that...
  11. jscud

    72W, 83W & 91W with SuperDish

    Last fall I picked up a discarded Superdish (121,119 & 110) at the dump. It works well enough for FTA, but does not give me as much signal strength as my Primestar dish. The good news is that I found it was relatively easy to add multiple LNBs to the arm. Through EBay I picked up 2 more...
  12. jscud

    Echostar on 85 AMC-16 Ku

    Why is there an E* test card on 85 AMC-16 Ku? This showed up today on 12.397V SR 3.978: Echostar Satellite Access Ctr Booking : 1-888-XXX-XXXX Amc-16/TR 24 85 degrees W Are they planning on using AMC-16 themselves or are they leasing it out to others?
  13. jscud

    Picking up RTV with SuperDish 121

    I am having trouble picking up RTV on AMC-9 @ 83 using an old SuperDish 121. From what I can tell, I am on AMC-9 because I can pick up a few wild feeds like colorbars from NBC in Charlotte, NC, a basketball game from the Sunbelt network and another basketball game from ESPN3. I also can pick...
  14. jscud

    SD receiver and 110w

    I'm helping a buddy set up a 3-LNB dish at his seasonal camp. He has an older SD Directv receiver (circa 2007). We get about 93% signal strength on 101W and about 83% on 119W. But 110W has 0% signal. Is that correct for a non-HD receiver? LyngSat shows one transponder still active on 110W...
  15. jscud

    Mounting Dish on PT post

    My son has his EA 1000.4 dish mounted on a Pressure Treated post on the side of his front lawn. Three times now it has moved out of position to the extent that he has lost all signals. The elevation is not changing, it is only the azimuth. Each time I have been able to repoint the dish by...
  16. jscud

    RSS Feeds Off?

    Have all of the Sat Guys RSS feeds been turned off?
  17. jscud

    H & V transponders and Skew

    After placing my Primestar dish on a new pole I think am getting duplicate channels from vertical transponders showing up as both H & V signals. For example on AMC- 6 Ku, I get 2 sets of the NBC MUX channels. One set identified as 12053V and one set identified 12053H. Not sure of I am still...
  18. jscud

    Please add Significantly Viewed Stations Now

    Starting yet another SV thread for you all to add your own SV wishes. Dish Network does monitor this forum. It was suggested to me by someone connected with Dish that the more voices heard, the more likely those in control of local programming will take notice. It has been a year since the...
  19. jscud

    HDMI Switches that work with an HR20?

    There seems to be a history of HDMI switches not working with the HR20. That is the case with the HDMI switch that my neighbor bought. He has an IOGear 1:3 switch w/remote connecting his HR20 on port 1 and his BluRay player on port 2. The BluRay works great with the switch on port 2. The...
  20. jscud

    what receiver to use with Primestar dish

    Complete FTA newbie question: I am overwhelmed with the choices.....What Ku receiver would you recommend to use with a Primestar 40x30 dish?