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  1. Tron2012

    Dish Anywhere Waiting to Prepare

    Around March of last year I was getting ready for some business travel and wanted to put some recordings on my DA app (Android). Have don't this many times. I must have had the 'prepare for mobile' OFF on the H3 as I saw that the selected items went to the dreaded waiting to prepare... step. I...
  2. Tron2012

    Hopper 3 and Dolby Atmos Audio

    I searched the forums and did not really find an answer. I am looking to add a soundbar to my family room Sony 4K TV and H3 setup. I am particular about audio and many of the "affordable" soundbars I heard sound bad or the voice component sounds like someone talking in a tin can. I see there are...
  3. Tron2012

    Samsung KS8000 vs. Sony 850D

    Looking at each of these sets. As we all know with so many darn models out there it is tough to get all the facts on all models...and remember them all! From what I'm told these are two very good quality mid range options. My question is since I have the Hopper3 and that already has 4K...
  4. Tron2012

    Larger Icons

    Wonder if they are sneaking in some larger program icons as part of their migration to a new UI later this year. Do not recall seeing wide format icons on my Hopper before. Just the regular square ones. Looks like the new UI will be displaying wider show icons. < at about 2:50 in>
  5. Tron2012

    Protection Plan

    Wondering the value of keeping the protection plan or dropping. Any advice? How much would it cost if I had a Hopper or Joey go bad to replace it (on a lease now, do not own equipment)? Solid on the wiring and dish, etc... so do not foresee any issues with wiring or networking. Been with the...
  6. Tron2012

    New Joey/Super Joey/Hopper Menu

    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but on this page: I see a different on-screen menu. Just for show or is this maybe on the Super Joey (then other devices later)?
  7. Tron2012

    Wonder What This Device Is/Does

    If you look on the Echostar site you can see their hybrid devices, which the Hopper and Joey are considered. The middle device looks cool. Probably some stripped down receiver? Almost looks like an Apple designed device...
  8. Tron2012

    Anyone Else With This Video Issue?

    I've had this problem since last Spring and is not because of any recent SW updates. Since it does not always happen I think it's more of a software problem and not hardware. It happens every so often where I try to access a recording on the Hopper 2K (that box has PTAT enabled) from my Hopper...
  9. Tron2012

    Why Isn't This a Reality Yet?

    I know this forum posted on this concept remote almost 2 years ago, but anyone know the scoop as to why it's not a reality yet? Or even discussed/shown at this year's CES? They had a working prototype that seemed to work well so would think that it wouldn't have been that much longer to make it...
  10. Tron2012

    CES 2014 Dish News and Videos

    Some links to interesting news, videos and CES stuff, trying to get it all in one post instead of bits-and-pieces within other topics and forums. Some have the same message but still interesting. Scott Interviews DISH CEO Joe Clayton: DISH CEO Joe...
  11. Tron2012

    Why Update S329 is Needed...NOW

    <Wrong Hopper w/Sling version number is in forum thread. Meant to type S329 and not S239.> I have to say I was really looking forward to the new S328 update, but it was more than a little let down. Was hoping DISH would have added a few things to enhance / fix the Hopper experience, but they...
  12. Tron2012

    Hopper with Sling Rebooting

    I posted some comments a while back on the problem I'm experiencing and wanted to get feedback if anyone else was still having the same problem. Had my Hopper, Hopper w/Sling and Joey since April of this year and still the Hopper w/Sling is acting up. But not all the time and not always a...
  13. Tron2012

    Cable/Satellite Service Models - Help Please!

    I've been a member for a while now and hoping someone can help me with a project I'm working on (and not for the cable/satellite industry). Not looking for any trade secrets or sensitive company information. Just a general overview with enough details to see the big picture. I looked at posting...
  14. Tron2012

    Home Media Password Protected

    I am trying to get a DLNA network set up from a Mac. Aside from the fact the connection takes forever to establish, every time I access the Home Media area I'm asked for a password. On the 722 I remember there was a clear option to lock and unlock the DVR. On the HWS, it's not so clear, to me...