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  1. Corrado

    ORBY over the air EPG data source

    Is the ORBY over the air channel program guide provided by satellite? I have my system connected to my large roof top antenna and had it disconnected during recent severe thunder storms during the past week and forgot to reconnect it. I normally view those local channels with the TV directly...
  2. Corrado

    Orby self install

    I terminated my Dish service Flex pack a few months ago and recently setup my Orby system with a self install kit they offer. I found I rarely if ever was using my Dish DVR and just went with the standard receiver model. The Orby dish seems of very good quality and the service works great. I'm...
  3. Corrado

    Openvix USB image

    I was curious if anyone specifically is running a Openvix USB image in a multiboot slot 2, 3 or 4. I know this mentioned previously in another thread about multiboot images but I didn't want to create a problem. I would rather not use slot 1 that contains the TNAP image the receiver shipped with.
  4. Corrado

    Webif login and password?

    I spent a little time experimenting today with the Edision Os Mio. Running the SatDreamGR NA Image, I wasn't able to connect with the Webif plugin. Filezilla and the Dreambox editor programs connect fine. Any ideas?
  5. Corrado

    Edision OS Mio 4K first impressions

    I received the Edision Friday and didn't get around to setting it up until last night. I cannot express how much I love this receiver! Setup was a snap. I've been using E2 for 3 years now with mostly OpenPLI images on my Amiko as a personal preference. Some were 4+ minutes to boot, such as the...
  6. Corrado

    Edison OS Mio 4K boot time?

    Curious about the boot up time for the receiver running the E2 images. I've been running pretty much OpenPLI E2 images on my Amiko Alien SHD8900 for the last 3 years and it takes 2+ minutes for a full start up. I prefer it over the Spark OS, which I think boots quicker but I don't really care...
  7. Corrado


    Curious how the signal quality is standing up for subscribers in poor weather conditions with the Orby dish. I setup a Primestar 1.0x .70cm satellite dish for monitoring the Orby transponders last weekend. I found the signal within a minute or so and has been quite strong until now. Currently...
  8. Corrado

    Gained 9 OTA channels

    Here in Columbia County, NY I had a pleasant surprise Sunday. I now receive WYBN and WEPT. My kitchen and bedrooms are antenna TVs only. I turned on my small kitchen TV that was on MeTV 13.2 and grabbed the remote to channel up to PBS Create on 17.2 without looking at the screen. With my back...
  9. Corrado

    WNYA Pittsfield MA

    Unless it's a coincidence, I find the WNYA channels no longer received here as of the new year. All other local channels seem of normal signal strength. I'm not finding any news of it online. Any changes I'm unaware of?
  10. Corrado

    HF Antenna Analyzers

    I take pride in having nice tools and have been thinking about the purchase of a antenna analyzer for HF. I'm curious what others have been using. Originally, I thought about the MFJ249C but the RigExpert AA-55 Zoom is looking interesting after reading the Nov QST review.
  11. Corrado

    Pittsfield, MA. Light TV 51.2

    Well this change is not a welcome find tonight. On my local channel 51.2 that was Antenna TV, I now find the Light TV channel. Where is the dislike button?
  12. Corrado

    Bounce and Escape from Albany NY

    Last night I noticed the WXXA was now airing Bounce on 23.4 and WTEN has Escape on 10.4 locally. Both stations are run by Nexstar Broadcasting Group. So far neither is transmitting guide data. Escape is in day 2 still without audio.
  13. Corrado

    HAM Radio on TV

    Many evenings we watch the syndicated episodes of the TV series Last Man Standing while eating dinner. I noticed Tim Allen's character had a ham shack setup in the background of his office with a wall covered with QSL cards and various pieces of radio equipment several years ago when I first...
  14. Corrado

    Yagi antenna

    Several years ago I rescued this antenna from the metal recycling container in town. At the time I thought it might be useful someday. It measures 130cm long with 5 elements that are 62cm long. The way the u-bolt bracket was installed, it was previously mounted vertically. Think it might be...
  15. Corrado

    Amateur Radio License plates anyone?

    Here in New York there are dozens of specialty vehicle license plates to choose from. Starting in 2010 they added the gold plates as new issue but still allows the older white plates that began issue in 2003 for renewal. All the new vanity plates are still white as well. Until the day I took my...
  16. Corrado

    Hidden treasure almost in my back yard

    I haven't had much time to be very active in the satellite hobby for a time but thought I would post what I found yesterday. I thought I knew the location of all the C band dishes in my area and most of which vanished several years ago when 4DTV declined and scrap prices were up. Yesterday was...
  17. Corrado

    Pansat Pansat 2700A with Lesea Channels 7 and 8?

    I have a Pansat 2700A that is only used for dish pointing and alignment purposes. I noticed the other day when I tried to update the Lesea channels on 4000H 26400 on 99W, it doesn't find channels 7 and 8 that were the last ones added sometime ago. Is there something in the PIDS or PCR data the...
  18. Corrado

    Due date change email

    I received an email yesterday and it states: "Your AutoPay payment going forward will now be collected five days earlier, starting with your next payment. This change now aligns your due date with the start of your service period; it will not impact the amount due or any service on your account...
  19. Corrado

    C Band Scalar dimensions

    I have been thinking about the scalars that are used on C band prime focus dishes since working on mine last weekend removing a bees nest. My 10' Unimesh originally had a Chaparral feedhorn and a scalar that is 1" deep. I had a dual C-Ku LNB setup too for a time and about 10 years ago...
  20. Corrado

    Sat Talk on Access America gone on satellite?

    Forgive me if this has been answered before but is Sat Talk with Mike and Ralf still on satellite? The Access America channel I had stored now is Gotcband on audio PID 4135 on G19 12115.