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    Dish shuts down Slingbox - Will brick all devices by 2022

    Here is a link to an interesting article I just read: Dish shuts down Slingbox In the article, Dish said Slingbox has been discontinued "to make room for new innovative products so that we can continue to serve our customers in the best way possible," but it added that it wouldn't be releasing...
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    Dish Anywhere (PC) - All HD channels missing

    Here is a problem that I have never seen before. When I bring up the program guide on my PC (Microsoft Chromium Edge) Dish Anywhere does not display any of my HD channels, and most of the channels that I subscribe to are not displayed at all. I have tried logging out and in again a few times and...
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    New Dish Anywhere problem

    Today, when I started Dish Anywhere on my PC, I selected 'Guide" and a message box was displayed that said: Unsupported software We apologize for the inconvenience. Dish Anywhere no longer supports your Sling Adapter. To continue enjoying Dish Anywhere, call 800-333-DISH and upgrade to a...
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    Dropping local channels - Leave old timers?

    I am finally to the point where I can get all of my locals OTA. If I drop the local channels from Dish, can I leave my local channel timers on my HWS? I am thinking that if I ever want to get my locals from Dish in the future, that all of my timers will still be in place. Will this work, or will...
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    Anyone with HWS able to download U726?

    Has anyone with a Hopper w/Sling been able to download the new U726 software? Using 'Tools' in settings I have tried multiple times, but after going thru the motions of upgrading the software, my HWS displays the message that I already have the latest software (U725). Has U726 been deployed...
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    Dish Anywhere PQ much improved on PC

    I had pretty much given up using Dish Anywhere on my PC. With the new non-flash version of Dish Anywhere, the bitrate hardly ever went over 1Mbps, and the picture quality was really bad. Today, I decided to give Dish Anywhere another try, and to my surprise, the PQ looked very good, with the...
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    Positive changes for Dish Anywhere (PC version)

    Today, I noticed some positive changes for Dish Anywhere on my PC (windows 10, Edge Chromium): The red progress bar no longer remains on top of the video image. It disappears after a few seconds of inactivity the way it is supposed to. You can now move the current video position dot that is in...
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    Program guide only 4 hours long

    I just noticed that the program guide on my HWS is very short. It is only showing the next 4 hours and nothing after that. As a result, none of my timers are scheduled to start because there is no program guide information. I have tried a front panel reset, and pulling the AC plug reset, but...
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    Dish Anywhere on PC - Annoying problem

    There is an annoying problem with Dish Anywhere on my PC that no one has posted about: When Dish Anywhere is playing a video, if you double click with the cursor inside of the video window, the video expands to full screen. The problem is that the video keeps popping out of full screen at...
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    Dish Anywhere on PC - says offline, but it is not

    Today, the Windows PC version of Dish Anywhere is reporting that my HWS receiver is offline, but it is not. I can actually watch Live TV (even though Dish Anywhere is indicating that the receiver is offline), but because it thinks the receiver is offline, Dish Anywhere will not list any of my...
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    I just got U703 on my HWS

    Today, I was still on software version U249 on my HWS, so I decided to try the manual update. To my surprise, I downloaded U703 (with a date of 7/30/18). I don't think I have seen U703 mentioned yet. I wonder what has changed?
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    Disappearing timers

    I had timers set up for our local news stations. Yesterday, I noticed that they did not record. When I checked, I found that both of my timers for my local news stations were missing. I didn't erase them. Where did they go? This is a first for me. Anyone else ever have multiple timers disappear...
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    Dish Anywhere on PC - Can't log in

    Here we go again...When I try to log in to Dish Anywhere (on my PC), I get this error: Uh Oh! We're having a problem getting your account information. Please try to login again later. Error Code: ["Error 7008"] I have had this problem before, and I posted about it here. There was no solution...
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    Dish Anywhere on PC - Can't log in

    Well, Dish Anywhere is acting up again (or should I say still acting up). When I try to log in on my Windows 10 PC I get this message: Uh Oh! We're having a problem getting your account information. Please try to login again later. This has been happening all morning (for about 4 hours). Is...
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    firetv sale for Amazon Prime members

    Heads up for anyone that wants a portable solution for Dish Anywhere. Amazon has the firetv stick on sale for $24.99, and the firetv 4K ultra on sale for $44.99. Cheapest prices I have seen in a while!
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    USA network missing from Dish Anywhere Guide

    Today I was searching for the channels that are showing Olympic events. USA was one of the channels. Afterwards, I was using Dish Anywhere on my PC and I noticed that the USA channel is not listed in the Dish Anywhere guide. The guide goes from channel 104 to 106 and skips channel 105! However...
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    New PC version of Dish Anywhere fixes a problem

    Usually I post problems with Dish Anywhere, but today I noticed that the new PC versions of Dish Anywhere fixed a problem that was present in the previous versions. It appears that the latest PC versions of Dish Anywhere Video Player (2.29.3) and DishAnywherePlayer ( no longer...
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    Dish Anywhere not showing recorded programs

    Lately, on my PC, when I select DVD recordings, I get this message: Your Recordings are not available at this time. If you have recordings, they will display in a moment when they are loaded. It does not matter if I use Firefox or Edge, I get the same result. I have to exit the browser and...
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    HWS updated to U242

    My Hopper with Sling was updated to U242 last night. I had U238 before the update. As usual, I have no idea what has changed.
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    Trouble with search

    The search function does not work. With Firefox, no matter what I search for, I get a white screen and the browser hangs. With Microsoft Edge, no matter what I search for, I get this error: HTTP 500 error That’s odd... the website can’t display this page The site may be under maintenance or...