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  1. gabewinches

    Chaparral lnb question

    I was just able to get a 10 foot c band satellite dish. It has a lnb and I was wondering if its any useful for good fta reception. it seems to have a motor to rotate the inside antenna. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  2. gabewinches

    Circular lnb for fta

    I have what I think is a Circular lnb from an old Directv satellite dish. I was wondering If it has any use for fta, and If I removed the plate inside the feed tube if it would work Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  3. gabewinches

    Directv Slimline for FTA

    I have been trying to get signal for a while now from Galaxy 19. I bought a lnb bracket and clamped it to the lnb arm and have it in the same place as the old lnb. Its a universal lnb and have the settings set to 9750/10600 in my Amiko hd265 receiver. Mast is plumb, any suggestions? My zip is...