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  1. timmy1376

    Need recommendation OTA usb tuner for Hopper 3

    Hello all, The wife is wanting to watch some shows on the CW which is a subchannel of our local ABC out of Topeka. I want to get a usb OTA tuner but am unsure of which ones will work? Will any USB tuner work?
  2. timmy1376

    Bad audio on Netflix through Hopper

    We recently upgraded to the Hopper 3 from the original Hopper and now have the ability to watch Netflix through it. We have no trouble with the app but the audio is terrible, at least to me, through the Hopper. It sounds tinny if that makes sense. Youtube sounds the same way. Is there...
  3. timmy1376

    question on getting games in HD

    There has been several times in the past few weeks that FSN MW or FSN KC has had games on for K-State that are offered in HD but there is no HD channel for the game. I did get the Mizzou game in HD that was on FSN MW on one of the part time sports channels. How do I get them to put the HD...
  4. timmy1376

    RSN alternates with sling adapter - how to find the game??

    Just got dish installed with the sling adapter and I am wondering how do I tune in say, the RSN alternate channel that has Royals game on my phone? If you go to the dish finder page, it says 443, but that just comes up with the dish sports logo. The game is in the guide on 412-31. So how do I...
  5. timmy1376

    Done with multiple receivers, but want 4:2:2 so which Azbox to get?

    I am done screwing around with my Traxis box scanning for feeds, then having to figure out if they are 4:2:2 or what then if they are, pulling out the PC with either the skystar2 card of the DVB World usb box. So, I think I want to get an Azbox. I am pretty sure they do 4:2:2 and maybe blind...
  6. timmy1376

    Need a new motor quick, where to shop?

    Spoke with Hal at galaxy marketing, which I am assuming is essentially WS International and they cannot supply a motor with the larger tube right now, but was hoping to get one by the weekend. Anywhere else I should look?
  7. timmy1376

    1.2 Meter dish info needed

    So I am wanting to get back going with FTA since my old motor died on my DTN dish and was thinking about getting a 1.2 meter dish. I know the shipping cost is going to kill me. Several questions: 1. Is there any FTA dealers that would have a dish this size near NE Kansas? 2. What is...
  8. timmy1376

    Getting paid for a job, thinking upgrades...

    So I am getting my year end pay for a job I do and I am thinking upgrades, or at least replacing my dead motor. Almost $500 to spend, so I know I will get a new motor. Thinking of getting a larger dish with motor combo while I am at it. I have a traxis 3500, DVB World usb box, Skystar 2 PCI...
  9. timmy1376

    Anyway to fix a dead motor??

    I have a SG2100 that will not respond to anything. I tried resetting it, but the led doesn't even light up any more, nor does it respond to pushing both buttons when powering on the FTA box. Any chance of fixing this thing??
  10. timmy1376

    Studdering with nextorm DVB World software

    When watching something like a game for a period of time using the Nextorm DVBWorld software, the picture starts studdering. If I stop it, then restart that channel, it will be fine for a while. Anyone else seen this with their software? I tried DVBDream, but it wouldn't play the HD feed I...
  11. timmy1376

    DVB World and a Macbook

    Anyone using a DVB World USB box with a Mac? I have tried it, mainly because hauling the computer out for 4:2:2 feeds is a pain, but I cannot get iTele to show any tuners. I followed the directions, and it says Plus the device, assuming they mean Plug in the device.... Any suggestions?
  12. timmy1376

    Mapping network drive using bat file

    No problems mapping a network drive using a .bat file, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the bat file to map to a folder in the share. I have a share called software and 20 folder in it called Lab 1 all the way to Lab 20 for example: I do map network drives...
  13. timmy1376

    Finally got a motor!!!!!!!!!!

    So I finally got a motor, those single digit temperature days are awful, so I broke down. I am going to have to retrofit my Winegard dish to work with it using the PVC method. Hopefully with my experience I can get it setup tomorrow after work. We will be in the 20's this weekend, so I may...
  14. timmy1376

    Anyone motoring with DVB World box?

    I did some searches but didn't see any cases of anyone using a motor with their DVB World (Nextorm) box. I want to get a motor because it was DANG cold the other night moving the dish to SBS6 (G17), but all I have is the DVB World and a Skystar 2 (don't want to do the motor surgery). If I can...
  15. timmy1376

    DVB World transponder tool - need to find

    I used to have a tool that would allow me to take a transponder list in an .ini file and create a new file that would replace the .dat file that the Nextorm software gets it's transponder list from with all the SR and such. Anyone know where I can find that?
  16. timmy1376

    Fashion TV off?

    I cannot seem to get Fashion Tv. Is it encrypted?
  17. timmy1376

    Help designing labels for pole

    So I thought I had the math worked out to print out a marker that I could tape to my pole right below the dish for a quick and dirty way to help point the dish. Now that I print it out, it sure doesn't seem right as 123 and G10R is not far enough on my line from SBS6 at 72. So, my pole is...
  18. timmy1376

    Studdering video from recording in DVB World

    I have recorded a game from yesterday that I would like to archive to DVD but when I go back to watch the video, it is studdering very bad. The audio is fine. Watching live is fine, but when I recorded the HD game, the recordings are crap in either VLC or WMP. Thoughts?
  19. timmy1376

    Snow, lost 101 but not 119

    So it is snowing here pretty good, no snow on the dish really, but enough in the air we lost all the channels except locals. Our locals are on 119. Same thing happens when it rains hard. Does that mean a poorly aimed dish? or is the ones on 119 just stronger??
  20. timmy1376

    Cheapest blind scan STB

    I have two PC FTA cards, the DVB World USB, and a Skystar 2 2.3p that does "blindscanning" but am thinking the DVB World box is a better choice for watching. All I really need now is blindscan that is reliable and will pickup the feeds, then I can punch it in the DVB World software. The...