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  1. KennyR

    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    "I want to win a box of 'LNBFs" Thanks Brian,,
  2. KennyR

    S9 receiver after factory reset no video

    Did you try the rca video cable yet? I have an s9 and a s10 and both have bad hdmi ports.
  3. KennyR

    Contest: Amiko Mini HD RE

    I would like to win to replace my aging Amiko 8240, Thanks for the contest.
  4. KennyR

    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced satellite meter. Thanks
  5. KennyR

    STAB 90 Dish Motor Needs More Power!

    I had a problem with mine being slow years ago and this bolt was to tight ,just have it snugged down now. may not help your problem but worth checking to see if it will help. I think it was binding the gears on mine and causing really slow movement.
  6. KennyR

    Contest: Win a Titanium Satellite ASC1 and your Choice of a Servo or PLL LNBF

    I want to win the ASC1 and a C1W-PLL , And Thanks for all that you do here!
  7. KennyR

    Best C-Band conical scalar rings for Channel Master offset dish?

    Dish LNB Brackets BSC100 Store - Michael Electronics Satellite Dish Accessories Conical Scalar Ring Use offset dish on C-Band LNB
  8. KennyR

    Openbox S9 And A TP On 97W??

    Change the transponder freq and or symbol rate up or down a few numbers and see if it will bring it in,, has worked for me before.
  9. KennyR

    The 10 ft channel master I reworked.

    It wasn't there this morning, but the dish does move around some most evening's
  10. KennyR

    The 10 ft channel master I reworked.

    Not yet, had just started making it.
  11. KennyR

    The 10 ft channel master I reworked.

    First time I ever saw a bird try to build a nest on a dish,, thought I would share a picture before removing it.
  12. KennyR

    Magic Static Recovering From Major Surgery

    Thoughts and prayers.
  13. KennyR

    NASA-HD On G13

    Steady aim with a 243 rifle fixed tree top interference for me last week, I live in the country and no close neighbors though.
  14. KennyR

    Loss of LNBF Signal Level

    Not knowing your los, leaves on trees will cause that also.
  15. KennyR

    Lnb depth???

    .39 ,,This is for the unimesh.
  16. KennyR

    Happy Birthday KE4EST

    Happy Birthday,, and you surely have been doing a great job here.
  17. KennyR

    actuator problem

    Anti-skid tape under the clamp would work also,,
  18. KennyR

    10ft channel master

    Trying it out with the button hook, checked 83w to 127w and a few between . it seems to track the arc alright. (Temp setup for testing.)