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  1. double16

    Confused about location of KQMK-LD in Omaha, NE market

    I'd like to get KQMK-LD, physical channel 21, virtual 25. Please reference RabbitEars.Info . My working antenna (see complete setup below) is pointed to the NE and I am picking up physical channels (listed in order of field strength) 26, 29, 22, 20, 31, 12, 32, 17, 15, 33, and 35. Channel 21 has...
  2. double16

    KAJS-LD has new 33-5 channel

    KAJS-LD in the Omaha, Nebraska market has a 33-5 channel now. Scanned it this past week and noticed it. as 33-1 to 33-4. No idea what network it's running because all I've found today is infomercials.