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  1. krynn

    picture freezes and pixelation

    ok i have been experiencing pixelating and picture freezes. is this the new norm or what. i hear from a few people that that have the same issues. my signal is locked at 99%. so i should not have any of these problems if a bird flies over it and craps on the dish :what . i am wondering if it's...
  2. krynn


    anyone watching snowpiercer on tnt thought's and inputs
  3. krynn

    moving into a new home

    we bought a new home and it came with DTV installed already!!! but it came with a genie and not the HR-17. so i am wondering will DTV have the address in there database set up for service along with the boxes listed??? i would really like for them to swap the genie and put my HR-17 instead. so i...
  4. krynn

    genie and HR 17 upgrades

    upgrades i would like to see for the genies and the HR 17. back lit remotes set to default!!! channel logos nest to the channel and not only on the top of the screen google assistant added a way to view your subscribed channels without having to make a favorites list
  5. krynn


    so i have been seeing t.v.s with resolutions going up to 8K!!! i have really been wondering if were gonna be doing anything with 8K or if it's all hype!!! i haven't seen any 8K blu ray players or discs not even any broadcasts.. all i seen is stuff recorded on usb thumb drives that's about it...
  6. krynn

    Genie 2 issues

    i am wondering if this is normal??? on my genie 2. when ever i pause live t.v. then hit the play button again sometimes the audio skips like a CD would or sometimes the audio just drops out all together. then once i hit the play pause button again it comes back normaly. this is a random thing...
  7. krynn

    Cable providers must now pro-rate bills when Mainers disconnect they need to get rid of spectrum to as spectrum sucks and they price gouge there customers
  8. krynn

    mini's with alexa

    has anyone tried using the mini's with alexa??? i know you could use the genie with alexa but since iv'e upgraded to the genie two. the installer hooked it up to my wifi and i see the wifi indicaters on the mini's
  9. krynn

    What would you do if you got it?

    How do you think you would do? would you die? are you willing to tell yourself that you might? Would be difficult but you'd probably pull through Do you think you may have it already had it like were being told millions possibly have and got over it already. i never smoked and immunity wise am...
  10. krynn

    H24 question

    i do have one more question... i am wondering if directv will activate an H24 box for things like camping and tailgating. or will that be like trying to get blood from a turnip???
  11. krynn

    DTV won me back

    decided to give DTV a second chance!!! After having my first install. wich BTW was an install from hell!!! i decided to give DTV a second chance!!! i spoke with the rep on the phone from the advanced tech support dept i think it was. anyways she was in america and she know what i was talking...
  12. krynn

    billing help

    ok so i am wondering. since i sent all of the DTV back via fedex the rep verified they got it back in the warehouse!!! i was let out of my contract because the service is total sh*t as nothing has worked since day one along with the worst customer service ever!!! they paid for my month of...
  13. krynn

    hopper question

    Hello all noob here i have a quick question on the hopper 3 install. i have a dish on my roof with the hybrid LNB and a single node i guess its called... i am wondering what is the best way to connect em together so they can talk to the dish in a moca form. would it be one cable down from the...