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  1. localclassictvfan

    Lafayette La market HC2 Station.

    Well HC2 has finally launched here with a Station branded as K21OM-D with Azteca America being on 20.1 which is owned and operated by HC2. As of Monday Cozi is on 20.2 and the dt3 and dt4 are informercials. Hopefully a few more networks show up in the future.
  2. localclassictvfan

    E.W. Scripps buying 15 Cordillera Stations. Including their major stations WLEX NBC 18 Lexington, KATC 3 Lafayette ABC, KOAA Colorado. KVOA 4 NBC Tucson will be sold to Quincy Newspapers.....Maybe a 4th subnet in the future of Cozi or...
  3. localclassictvfan

    Portland Maine's CW/MNTV affiliates sold...

    WPME 35 MNTV/ION/Laff was put up for Sale by Ironwood Communications for 900000 to Ion Media Networks on December 4th. WPXT 51 CW/MeTV/Escape is now under the Sinclair Broadcasting Group Ownership. Sinclair owns the Fox and CBS stations in the market already. We shall see if the subnetworks...
  4. localclassictvfan

    Nexstar adds KATZ networks to more of its stations

    Nexstar Adds 4 Katz Diginets On 43 New Chs. |
  5. localclassictvfan

    LAFF TV lands in New Orleans

    Laff TV was added to Telemundo Affiliate KGLA 42.2 Today
  6. localclassictvfan

    changes made after KADN/KLAF buyout made official

    Approximately 1 year after Nexstar Media Group Sold former ComCorp flagship station KADN/KLAF to Bayou City Broadcasting for 40 million, Nexstar had spent over 1 million building a news team for KLAF (after it turned from MNTV to NBC July 1 2015). Bayou City Broadcasting announced that April...
  7. localclassictvfan

    New Lake Charles Louisiana Stations

    As of February 15. KSWL-LD CBS 17.1 KWWE-LD MNTV/MeTV 19.1/19.2 ( or both share 19.1). First SWLA CBS Station since 1961 and second newest major affiliate since KLAF went NBC in 2015. KSWL-LD is owned by Waypoint Media
  8. localclassictvfan

    Albuquerque's KASY and KASA gets new subs after Nexstar buyout complete

    KASA, the former FOX 2, which was sold to Ramar Communications added Movies! and Heroes/Icons (Which are currently on Ramar's LP KUPT Station 16.1/16.3), the FOX DT1 is on KRQE CBS 13's DT2 which Nexstar Kept. HOWEVER its CW 50 KASY which Nexstar SSA'd to Tamer Media added GetTV and Cozi (Get...
  9. localclassictvfan

    Delta Media Corporation New Website

    Lafayette, Louisiana's Delta Media Corp owner of 9 radio and 4 TV Stations has a new website up. The owners of MeTV Acadiana KLWB 50, KDCG H&I 22, KXKW ASN/Antenna TV, and KBCA 41 H&I. Also KXKW 32.1 ASN is HD 720. Unfortunately AntennaTV was dropped off of KBCA 41.2 recently but H&I was kept...
  10. localclassictvfan

    Antennas Direct Clearview 4V

    Bought an Antennas Direct 4V yesterday. Hooked it up under the 8bay and I have the 8 Bay and the 4V connected into the blonder tongue. For you more experienced antenna people. With the Antenna Direct 4V, do I need the 8 Bay connected with it or there is no need for it anymore. From what I...
  11. localclassictvfan

    Ironwood Communications adds Katz Networks to its stations....

    Well looks like Katz added another group to its portfolio with Portland Maine's WPXT CW and WPME MNTV Escape is now on WPXT CW 51.3 and Laff is now on WPME MNTV 35.3 replacing QVC.....The stations join Weigel's MeTV/Movies...... The market already has Justice/Antenna (WCSH), H&I (WMTW), Get/ASN...
  12. localclassictvfan

    Heroes & Icons back on the Fargo North Dakota Full Power Market...

    Gray's KVLY NBC 11 Valley City/Fargo ND just added Heroes to its lineup on 11.4
  13. localclassictvfan

    KATZ vs Weigel: By the Numbers

    I thought I'd do some configuration on the two of the biggest ota network distributors, KATZ and Weigel and make a lil comparision. With the expansion of the newly Nexstar/Media General union, looks like Katz has it hands down. Here's hoping Weigel (maybe along with Sinclair, NBC Universal)...
  14. localclassictvfan

    DTV Americal coming to South Louisiana

    Just received a reply to an email that DTV America is coming to Lafayette and New Orleans mid to late 2017. However we might get some networks we have already like get, grit, and laff, while receiving escape, cozi, comet, and buzzr. As time goes on I'll update. I thought this was some dream but...
  15. localclassictvfan

    Solid Signal 8 bay antenna/RCA Pre Amp: Your Opinion

    This morning i was flipping through my channels and the NBC 7, NBC 33, Fox 44 stations signals gone, KALB barely comes in. I waited two hours, same results. I then disconnected the rca preamp and connected the blonder tounge. With the vhf antenna in the high and the uhf antenna in the low...
  16. localclassictvfan

    KRDK Fargo/Grand Forks going through major changes this fall

    According to KRDK's fb page the station has decided to upgrade to hd on its 4.1 cozi channel. Then they announced they will add bounce. To make room for the new subnetwork and the hd add on they will drop 3 networks off their lineup. Those 3 are Weigel's Movies!, Decades, Heroes&Icons. Early...
  17. localclassictvfan

    Sinclair Sub ASN a boring network

    July 1 Delta Media Corporation commited suicide by dropping ThisTV for American Sports Network. The owner seems to have the power on both 50 and 32 to add whats left but we sent him what we wanted and Sinclairs better sub Comet was highly mentioned. He said it was a business decision dropping...
  18. localclassictvfan

    KATZ and Bounce agree with Nexstar on multi deal launch Check Your areas on Rabbitears. Some have up to 3 launching on the same channel. Well done Nexstar Thanks.
  19. localclassictvfan

    WRTV dropping HTSN for KATZ Subchannel October 1st... WRTV dropping Hometown Sports and News on 6.2 for Katz subchannel. The Station is owned buy Scripps-Howard. With the new subchannel coming oct. 1 it will be one of two stations that have all 3 Katz subchannels.
  20. localclassictvfan

    WBAY and KWQC going to Gray Television