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  1. Paul Wozniak

    Harbaugh Heading Back to Michigan...

    Three times a charm.. Michigan finally gets it right.
  2. Paul Wozniak

    Please dont be mad at me for asking this but is everything ok on this forum?

    I miss being here, but my day is overwhelmed by my work schedule. Happy New Year to my old friends. The Detroit Lions- REBUILDING SINCE 1957!
  3. Paul Wozniak

    Looking for a New Blu-ray player

    Rey, I just bought the Sony that King wrote about. For 80$ you will not go wrong. Beautiful picture, and it plays SACD' s too. Every streaming service you need and 100 more I have never heard of. Wireless works flawlessly, simple set up for Netflix and Amazon prime. Quick load times, and easy to...
  4. Paul Wozniak

    Upgrading the Sub soon :)

    That sub is HUGE, and now you have 2? Congrats, I have never heard anything bad about them.
  5. Paul Wozniak

    Home theater revamp

    I wish I could have afforded new Velodynes. Fantastic subs, but I'm a huge believer in the 2 sub system, therefore putting Velodyne out of my realm of affordability. The Polls have been a very pleasant compromise.
  6. Paul Wozniak

    Home theater revamp

    Sorry this took so long. My mains are MC-1's. The surrounds are MMGW' s. The center is a MMGC. The MC-1's are a huge step up from the surrounds, and worth the extra $200 a pair. Subwoofers are a necessity, as they are a little light in the bass region. As I said before, dollar for dollar, they...
  7. Paul Wozniak

    Home theater revamp

    I wish I had the room and the budget for 3.7's. As for loud, well I listen plenty loud, and that has never been a problem. Especially if you ask my wife. The Pioneer Elite SC-72 was my choice because of its 4 ohm capability. I'm still playing with the mcacc sound correction. It's a very...
  8. Paul Wozniak

    the new Pro Bowl

    I'm with you Jimbo, the game is a bad joke. I'll bet the pick shows on ESPN will get better ratings than the actual game will.
  9. Paul Wozniak

    Home theater revamp

    My home theater has been undergoing a heavy revamp the past few months. Gone are the JBL and Velodyne subwoofers, replaced by a pair of Polk 505 subs that I bought on Amazon for $400 for both. The Onkyo 805 avr which was getting old and tired, is on the scrap heap, replaced by a Pioneer Elite...
  10. Paul Wozniak


    Saw a Hisense at Costco for $1500. 50" screen, 4K. Picture was noticeably better than the 1080 sets flanking it. Not just a little better, a whole lot better.
  11. Paul Wozniak

    2014 NFL Draft predictions and thoughts

    I actually thought the O-line was the best unit on the team. Besides needing a coach, we need a shutdown CB, and help at WE.
  12. Paul Wozniak

    NFL 2013 Season

    Does it matter? 56 years after the last championship, and no matter who is coaching, or the names on the jerseys, the results are the same. The more it changes, the more it remains the same. This season was more disappointing than 0-16.
  13. Paul Wozniak

    Michigan/ That evil school from the South

    I was wrong about Michigan's chances in this game. Heroic effort by the players. While an upset would have been sweet, I'm not bothered by the loss. Glad they tried to win in regulation, overtime would have brought the same result. I think The Evil School From The South's winning streak ends...
  14. Paul Wozniak

    Ausmus to be Tigers new manager

    I like this choice. Other thoughts: No problem with the Fielder trade.Kinsler brings speed and more hustle to the top of the lineup. Jackson and Porcello are huge trade candidate. Scherzer may also be gone. I just can't see a $100M plus deal for him. He just had a career season. I don't see him...
  15. Paul Wozniak

    Michigan/ That evil school from the South

    Never thought I would ever say this. This game will be ugly. Absolutely no chance for Michigan to win this game. Gardner has become a liability, and I'm not impressed with the coaching.
  16. Paul Wozniak

    What NFL team do you hate,or least like the most.

    The Detroit Lions. Subject to change on a weekly basis. THE DETROIT LIONS - REBUILDING SINCE 1957!
  17. Paul Wozniak

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    GIVE Me One More CHANCE - The Romantics
  18. Paul Wozniak

    R.I.P. J.J. Cale

    Amazing artist. Will be missed.
  19. Paul Wozniak

    2013 AL Central

    Open letter to Jim Dombrowski Tiger's GM: Get us some bullpen help. NOW!!!
  20. Paul Wozniak

    2013 AL Central

    No argument here. They sure got his number.