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  1. Corrado

    Orby frustration please help!

    Can we see a photo of what's in front of the dish? I noticed my Orby dish appears to be pointed slightly east of where it actually is because of the skew angle of the arm when viewed from behind the dish. For dish aiming, what about just connecting direct to the LNBF without the diplexer in...
  2. Corrado

    ORBY over the air EPG data source

    During my initial setup and channel scan even before my account was setup, I had the EPG and all local services working except channel 51.4 EPG info with the STB. One thing that led me to think it was other than PSIP data was that WYBN TV 14 had never displayed any program data on any of it's...
  3. Corrado

    ORBY over the air EPG data source

    Is the ORBY over the air channel program guide provided by satellite? I have my system connected to my large roof top antenna and had it disconnected during recent severe thunder storms during the past week and forgot to reconnect it. I normally view those local channels with the TV directly...
  4. Corrado

    Orby self install

    I terminated my Dish service Flex pack a few months ago and recently setup my Orby system with a self install kit they offer. I found I rarely if ever was using my Dish DVR and just went with the standard receiver model. The Orby dish seems of very good quality and the service works great. I'm...
  5. Corrado

    Base Antennas

    My thoughts exactly, I prefer smaller family run businesses. I've bought many items over the past several years from both companies.
  6. Corrado

    10m Activity This Morning

    Most likely FT8 signals.
  7. Corrado

    Updating ATSC Standard Could Put an End to Manual Channel Rescans

    I can imagine the metal recycling bin at the town building filled with antennas the day free OTA TV ends.
  8. Corrado

    A message to Orby

    I have had Dish for quite a few years now and installed myself with a used 311 receiver and upgraded later on to a used, like new VIP211K receiver. Paid the DVR one time activation fee and the equipment operates flawlessly. I can only remember one signal loss event for several minutes before a...
  9. Corrado

    TNAP 3.2 Time Question

    I just upgraded to TNAP 3.2 and found the same issue with the time zones. Thanks for the resolution. I'm using the skin that closely resembles OpenPLi. Nice work that el bandido and his team did.
  10. Corrado

    Why Squirrels? Why?

    Rodents caused these issues on vehicles I had to deal with. Definitely a heath hazard as well if they gain entrance to the HVAC ventilation system.
  11. Corrado

    Time Shift

    I had similar issues with USB thumbdrives. Issues resolved using a dedicated externally powered USB HDD for the MIo.
  12. Corrado

    Just received a Channel Master 84E with dual LNB holder.

    Using the factory type LNB with the scalar designed for the shape of the dish would be the best solution for proper illumination of the feed. The dishes I have came with LNBs with separate V and H inputs. I just use typical LNBFs on my Primestar dishes and I fabricated a simple mount with a...
  13. Corrado

    TNAP-3.0 is available

    I've had my Mio for a year next week. I experimented with various images during the following months and got everything the way I like it and no longer feel compelled to update anything. The box just works great day after day for my needs. I tire of every device I own trying to update itself...
  14. Corrado

    Orby does it make sense

    Now that my Dish Flex pack is going up, Orby is looking better. Thinking I would enjoy the Science Channel, Motor Trend and BBC America. I thought about the loss of SyFy but couldn't remember the last time I watched it.
  15. Corrado

    Are the few new sunspots making a difference?

    Yesterday I was cleaning the car and just for fun I turned on the CB radio that's installed and to my surprise I had S9 level DX from Florida and other southern east coast states. When I went in for lunch, I tried out 10 meters which I thought most likely was open and not a signal on the...
  16. Corrado

    My New Dish Farm

    iBoston I don't recall ever seeing a SatMaximum satellite dish, where did you get it?
  17. Corrado

    Just Canceled

    I have been a subscriber for years. It began when one of my new VWs came a 90 day trial. Recently, I got a new car without Sirius XM and wanted to terminate my subscription. They kept me on the phone for 18 minutes offering me a free car receiver and various discounts and nearly begging me to...
  18. Corrado

    Edision OS Mio 4K TNAP Ver. 2

    I'm also running kernel 4.20.0 and stopped experimenting with various E2 images in fear of losing my Haupagge tuner. I'm satisfied with all the features I currently enjoy.
  19. Corrado

    Does anybody have info on this dish?

    I would agree, it's a great dish. I have one also.
  20. Corrado

    Orby Saves the Day (or more) in the California Power Blackout

    I have multiple backups. Several generators, large batteries and several inverters for emergency use. I have propane, wood pellets for heat and always gasoline and diesel fuel on hand. During storms I've been without power many times for several days. I don't have broadband internet anyway so I...