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  1. JAG72

    NHL 2015-16 Season

    Well the NHL preseason has officially has begun. In just two weeks we will have the regular season starting. This year the NHL is testing the 3on3 OT to try and get rid of the shootout. Yesterday was the first test as the CBJ played the Pens. The 3on3 was pretty exciting but wouldn't you...
  2. JAG72

    Smoking Cheese

    Well I decided to spend Christmas morning experimenting with smoking cheese. I have 7 pounds of provolone out on the smoker right now. Using apple wood to provide the smoked flavoring for the cheese. After I pull it off in 3 hours, I will vacuum seal and then place it in the fridge to rest...
  3. JAG72

    Sling to a TV

    Looking for a good device that would support streaming to a TV from a slingbox. I know that Boxee and Google TV both support streaming from a slingbox. I would love to know what others are using and what you would recommend.
  4. JAG72

    OSU Marching Band Video Game Half Time Show

    This is a pretty good half time show from the Ohio State vs Nebraska game this past weekend. All of the previous band geeks will like it.
  5. JAG72

    Cell Bluetooth gateways options

    Anybody have any experience with devices that integrate your cell phones into your home phone system? Here is a sample of one of the devices that I was looking at. I would love to be able to drop my home phone but I need a way that...
  6. JAG72


    OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console by OUYA — Kickstarter Could this be the next big thing in game consoles? Just think of all the possibilities with having unlimited game developers for the console.
  7. JAG72

    Ways to add SSD drive?

    I am getting ready to add a SSD drive to my computer and was wanting feedback on what others thought of the following two ways that I was thinking of using it. 1) Standard Drive with OS installed and Data saved to original drive. Some applications would also be installed to the SSD and others...
  8. JAG72

    NHL 2012 off-season notes & transactions

    Couple of big items just happening or coming down the road. 1) 2012-2013 schedule was released today 2) NHL Draft 3) Free Agency Lets keep the hockey talk alive until the puck drops on October 11 (hopefully).
  9. JAG72

    Photo Organization and Editing Software

    Looking to get some recomendations for Windows based photo editing and organization programs. I really liked iPhoto for the organization aspect but need to now find a windows based program. What are some of the programs you use for this purpose.
  10. JAG72

    Whats your ringtone?

    Once upon a time we had a thread discussing peoples cell phone backgrounds. Figured it would also be interesting to see what people use for their ringtones. So what ringtone do you use for phone calls and text messages? Phone = Super Mario Bro's Theme Text = Pacman Intro It is actually...
  11. JAG72

    AT&T to begin unlocking iPhones on 4-8

    Starting April 8th AT&T will begin unlocking iPhones that are no longer under contract. AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday, April 8th (update) -- Engadget
  12. JAG72

    Favorite Jerky Recipes

    Decided to try my hand at making jerky as the entire family really loves to snack on jerky. Was wondering others experiences and if you had any recipes that are a must try. Today I have the smoker going to make some jalapeño jerky. If all goes well I will share the recipe that was used for...
  13. JAG72

    Indy Car driver Dan Weldon dies after crash

    Very sad. Dan Wheldon dies following IndyCar crash at Vegas - ESPN
  14. JAG72

    Lip Dub (World Record)

    YouTube - ?The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)?‏
  15. JAG72

    Web Site Design Software

    Does anybody have any good suggestions for free or low cost web design software? This is going to be for my daughter as she has shown interest in web design and I figure that I would get her started into this endeavor. I would prefer it be for the MAC but I could get buy with a good...
  16. JAG72

    2011 NHL Off Season Moves

    With the NHL draft day one in the history books, how happy are you with any of the off season moves that your team has made. I am very happy with what the Jackets have done this off season. It was a huge deal to get Jeff Carter from Philly. Nothing like having a top center to go along with...
  17. JAG72

    Are you a Season Ticket Holder?

    Just wondering who out there is a season ticket holder for one of your favorite pro, collage or minor league teams? What team or teams do you hold tickets for? How long have you been a season ticket holder? What has been your best memory? Figured there may be a few of you out there with...
  18. JAG72

    Pryor leaving OSU

    Pryor will not return for his senior season. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor giving up senior season at Ohio State Buckeyes - ESPN I would have posted in the other thread but it was closed. :(
  19. JAG72

    Public Polls

    Why is it when a public poll is posted you can see who voted for what item but then when you participate in the poll you loss the ability to see who voted?
  20. JAG72

    DIY Smoker Build

    As many of you know, I was looking at purchasing a second smoker after not having enough room during our Easter smoke. I did much research and decided to give building a smoker a try. I decided that I was going to do a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker). I was able to pick up the drum attached locally...