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  1. styxfix

    Multi Sport now added to 120+ and above packages

    Not sure how long is limited time is but I believe this started last Sunday. So basically you now have the NFL Red Zone channel if you sub to this package. I'm sure it is just a good will gesture while they work a deal with the dropped RSN that many subs have had to deal with.
  2. styxfix

    I lost TBS in the 8th inning of the NLDS

    Just when they challenging the call at first screen goes black. I also lost the MLB ch at the same time. I miss the end of this great game. :( Did this happen to anybody else? Both channels finally came back about 45 minutes later.
  3. styxfix

    I can't browse this website with my phone

    Is something out of date?
  4. styxfix

    Will I lose my HD feed from my RSN?

    It's the bottom of the 15th inning and it's almost midnight. The Giants and Reds game is still tied on 419. We will see what happens.
  5. styxfix

    NBA Game blackout on ESPN...why?

    It's not a big deal since I subscribe to my RSNs and can watch it there but why is Warriors game blackout on ESPN? I was able to watch them their last game which was at home on Friday on ESPN but can't tonight when they're on the road in Denver. Same with the ESPN app too. I thought the last NBA...
  6. styxfix

    Can I watch live tv on my new BlackBerry Z10?

    I love the phone and I have a Dish 722 receiver already. If I get a sling adapter on my wifi network, will I be good to go to watch some football this season?
  7. styxfix

    Again!! No HD for CSNCA (409)

    A's play Houston tonight at 5pm but again there's no HD feed of this game on DISH. If I added a dish aim at 72.7 would I still suffer from JIP and no HD feed on my RSNs at all like I do on the western arc?
  8. styxfix

    Lost VHF reception

    I have a Winegard YA-1713 VHF antenna and a CM 4228 UHF antenna connected to a CM 7777 preamp. Recently I've lost all the channels on the VHF side (3) so I went to the roof and checked everything out but I didnt find anything obviously wrong. Both antennas are pointed in the right direction and...
  9. styxfix

    Tips and Tricks

    I thought it would be a good time to return to this. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for 622 722 and 722K receivers: In Duel Mode the best way to stop tuner 2 (TV2) from recording from TV1 Menu > 6 > 1 > 1. Going to the point dish screen should stop all current recordings on...
  10. styxfix

    Over 275 MLB games in HD. How many will E* show?

    I just checked and this MLB season both of my RSNs (CSNBA 5419 & CSNC 5409) will be showing every game in HD (execpt one) for the Giants & A's. Last season E* did a terrible job of broadcasting these games in HD. Some HD games were either missing from the guide or very often would be join in...
  11. styxfix

    Still no HD for CSNBA viewers

    Playing our biggest series of the season...Dodgers @ SF Giants on our RSN 5419 (CSNBA-HD) is still not on the HD channel despite the fact the game started almost an hour ago @ 7:15. Unbelievable! I hate JIP games!
  12. styxfix

    Epic baseball game blackout on E*

    Twins vs Athletics Mon. 7/20 Game started @ 7:05pm Yet again another game on my RSN [CSNCA-HD 5409] is back out for the first two hours on the HD feed. Yes, we get JIP games all the time on the west coast and this one didn't get started until after 9pm and the score was like 13 to 6 already...
  13. styxfix

    My 622 won't record JIP HD RSN games

    I always set timers to record the MLB HD games on my local RSN which is CSNBA (5419) & CSNCA (5409). Last night, a timer firer right on time at 7:00 on 5419 but, since this game has JIP in the title (which is almost all the time out here on the left coast) the only thing that gets recorded the...
  14. styxfix

    No HD Sports for Bay Area Viewers

    Looks here the HD schedule of the A's here and as you can see Monday 4/20 @ New York Yankees 4:00 PM HDTV (Hey, they must have know it was going to get postponed) Tuesday 4/21 @ New York Yankees 4:00 PM HDTV these two games were suppose...
  15. styxfix

    FTA on the cheap

    I was recently given a Coolsat 5000 platinum receiver from a friend. I'm thinking it was probably hacked but I have not powered it on. I'm hoping I can still use for FTA and maybe pointing to the 123 sat (G18). The biggest dish I have Phase 2 direct TV dish, but I'm not quite sure it's big...
  16. styxfix

    My RSN-HD is on 129 sat. Should I add a another dish?

    I currently have a D500 for 119 and 110 and two D300s for 148 and 61.5 They are all running to a DPP44 switch. I use the 148 sat mostly for a slightly better version of HBO-HD and 61.5 sat for my other HD channels inc. Cinnamax-HD. I'm hoping soon my FSNBA-HD will be come available and when it...
  17. styxfix

    NFL Football Week Seventeen

    SATURDAY (12/30) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD(720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT N.Y. Giants (7-8) at Washington (5-10)--Bryant Gumbel, Cris Collinsworth Note: This game is on NBC in New York and on FOX in Washington D.C. SUNDAY (12/31) FOX DOUBLEHEADER 1pm ET/10am PT Seattle (8-7) at Tampa Bay...
  18. styxfix

    NFL Football Week Sixteen

    THURSDAY (12/21) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD (720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT Minnesota (6-8) at Green Bay (6-8)--Bryant Gumbel, Cris Collinsworth SATURDAY (12/23) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD (720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT Kansas City (7-7) at Oakland (2-12)--Bryant Gumbel, Dick Vermeil Note: This game is...
  19. styxfix

    NFL Football Week Fithteen

    THURSDAY (12/14) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD (720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT San Francisco (5-8) at Seattle (8-5)--Bryant Gumbel, Cris Collinsworth Note: This game is also available on the CW in the Bay Area and on FOX in Seattle. SATURDAY (12/16) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD (720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT...
  20. styxfix

    NFL Football Week Fourteen

    THURSDAY (12/7) NFL Network/NFL Network-HD (720p) 8pm ET/5pm PT Cleveland (4-8) at Pittsburgh (5-7)--Bryant Gumbel, Cris Collinsworth NOTE: This game is also available on FOX in CLE and on CBS in PIT. SUNDAY (12/10) CBS DOUBLEHEADER 1pm ET/10am PT Oakland (2-10) at Cincinnati...