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  1. linuxman

    In Memorium: Rich ( Anole) Steincross Has Passed Away. May He Rest in Peace

    Just logged in to let everyone know that our friend Anole has passed away on November 21stc 2014. Anole and I have been friends since I first joined this forum in 2006. He helped me to solder a capacitor on the PCB of a Pansat 3500 I had, and we ended up in a phone conversation during the...
  2. linuxman

    HDHomerun, DVBViewer Clear QAM and OTA

    Since I have moved, I have not had a satellite dish to play with, so I turned my hobbies to SW and getting what TV I can get "free" of course. :) I put up my new postage stamp size OTA antenna for receiving all the local channels in HD. It's not very big, and I am 25 -30 miles away...
  3. linuxman

    ******Giveaway****** Free Dishes First Come First Served

    I have listed the remaining dishes that I have to all be given away FREE to anyone who wants to come and take them away. I will be glad to assist, they just need to go to a new home. All dishes must be removed by the end of day, Sunday July 17th. See the listing in the classified section.
  4. linuxman

    Hesitations on Openbox S9 receiver on some S2 Transponders

    I hesitate to open another question on the Openbox S9 receiver since there have been so many written already, and I have read through most of them, but still have not found a definitive answer. :( On some S2 transponders, Montana PBS on the Ku side, and even occasionally on the RTV S2...
  5. linuxman

    GeosatPro SL2 Dual Output LNBF Give-Away

    Hi All, While I was digging out all of the satellite equipment that I am selling this Spring, I found a box with some brand new, never used, and still in the box GeosatPro SL2 Dual Output LNBFs that I acquired from SatelliteAV when I first started my "Best Way to Receive Whole Ku Arc With Fixed...
  6. linuxman

    Big Changes Coming My Way! :)

    We have decided that it was time to sell our commercial building and begin planning for something a little smaller for a gradual descent towards retirement. We figure with the economy the way it is, and our youngest with still a year to go to finish High School, that we would put it on the...
  7. linuxman

    Anyone know what the limit on the number of satellites that can be programmed into the Openbox S9?

    Just as the title says: "Anyone know what the limit on the number of satellites that can be programmed into the Openbox S9?" I'm making a few changes, and just wanted to know. :)
  8. linuxman

    What size dish to reliably receive S2 signals for both C-Band and Ku-Band?

    I haven't posted in a while, but wanted to talk about some discoveries I have made recently. Even though I haven't written much in a while, I still do read a lot of what others have written especially about this question. I also have a unique situation where I have several different size and...
  9. linuxman

    Which Receiver? Why? and who would you buy it from?

    Sathawk 800 Solomend 800 Opensat S9 Just like the title says, Which of the receivers mentioned by Brent would you buy? Why would you buy that receiver? Who would you buy it from? I am sure that some of you have bought one of the boxes above. Can you tell me the actual differences...
  10. linuxman

    Question about Ortho on the 4DTV

    In light of the fact that I am about to lose my sub from NPS on October 25th, I got on my roof today, and replaced my Co-Rotor with a C-Band only orthomode feed I had setting here gathering dust. My question is concerning the setup in the 4DTV. I have it set on "dual c-band lnbs" with no...
  11. linuxman

    Unimesh Ten Foot Support Arm measurements

    Lubrikator PM'd me and asked for some dimensions on a Ten Foot Unimesh Support Arms. I have taken a couple of pictures, and done some measuring and am going to post it all here in the event someone in the future may need this information. I have also included the spec sheet for the dish...
  12. linuxman

    Happy Birthday Lak7

    Happy Birthday Tim!!! And many happy returns! @party
  13. linuxman

    Adventures In Dish Hunting 2010

    Well, it's time to start a new thread about our hobby and hunting for dishes in the wild. :) In the 3 and a half years that I have been in this hobby, I personally have found and harvested several dishes both for myself and for friends. I have kept a log book of most of the dishes I have...
  14. linuxman

    Phlatwound Takes Over Care and Feeding of the Birdview Spoon

    I have made arrangements with Phlatwound to come and pickup the Birdview Spoon that I "found" and have pictures of in the Adventures in Dish Hunting thread. He will make the trip up on Saturday morning and we'll get it taken down and packed up for the trip home. In the mean time, I drove...
  15. linuxman

    OTA Single Channel Problem

    Take a look at this thread in the OTA section and see if you can help me solve the problem. :)
  16. linuxman

    Help Solve a Single Channel Problem

    Since the digital transition, I recently noticed a single channel dropping A/V on my Diamond ATSC receiver. The Toshiba TV combo analog/digital tuner has played it fine. I was using an old VHF/UHF/FM antenna I bought off Craig's list a couple of years ago with a pre-amp. See pictures below. I...
  17. linuxman

    The Scrounger's Guide to Cheap Satellite HD TV

    I got my Vantage 1100S receiver a couple of weeks ago and have been scanning the skies with no problems since. The only issue I ran into was my 15 year old 27" Phillips TV. I sit about 15 feet from where the TV is, and I found that I wasn't able to read the information on the "Info" screen...
  18. linuxman

    AZBox Elite HD - What to do with a Shiny New Toy

    I got my AZBox yesterday, and played with it well past my usual bedtime. :) I was working with the AZBox editor and trying to figure out an easy way to get the satellites and transponders into a list, and kept seeing the "import satellites.xml" button in the organize Sat & TP tab in the...
  19. linuxman

    Review DMSI 8X1 Diseqc Switch

    As part of my big satellite project, I ordered two DMSI 8X1 Diseqc switches. I was assured by the dealer that I purchased them from that they would perform exactly as the Digi-Wave 8X1 Diseqc swithes and that if they didn't I would receive a full refund. The dealer said the specs were exactly...
  20. linuxman

    Free 10 Foot Solid Dish

    There is a free 10 foot solid aluminum dish available near Troy, MO. See this post for description! :)