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  1. The Fat Man

    [Massachusetts] Herstige Rock Station Sold to EMF

    Well. It looks like WAAF's 50 years as a rock station are done. Personally, I hate when they say how the format will continue on HD Radio. That's just a national playlist of the songs with a...
  2. The Fat Man

    Thanks for the Free 54.0 Remote

    Last night my wife walks in the house, asking me why I bought a remote from Dish. I looked at her confused. "I didn't buy a new remove from Dish." Couldn't even ponder if I did so when I had a few beers watching football last weekend. I haven't been on myDish in a while, and I haven't drank...
  3. The Fat Man

    [Other Topic] What's your take on early Christmas Programming?

    Every year stations go all Christmas. My question isn't whether or not to do it. My question is what's your take on doing right around Halloween in some markets? It's a cliche question, but one that interests me every year. My personal take is that we should allow the bird to be served. I...
  4. The Fat Man

    What more creative talk in radio would you take if given a chance?

    I'm also a lurker on the Radio Discussions boards. This question popped up in the Boston Boards bu a poster named "thezak". I thought it would be fun to share ideas here as well. If you had the creative freedom to program FM or AM, what would you do? What more creative task in Boston radio...
  5. The Fat Man

    Here an Alt, there an Alt, everywhere an Alt Alt

    In the latest round of major media companies stripping local stations of their identity, Alt seems to be the new moniker in the camp of Kiss, Mix, Magic, Jack, The River, The Bull, Nash, Q, The Fan, and so on. With Alt, one company doesn't hold a copyright on the name. So, does it help to use...
  6. The Fat Man

    CBS/Entercom divests 16 stations

    Entercom, CBS look to unload handful of Boston radio stations as part of merger - The Boston Globe Had an article from Philly, but I realized that people need to subscribe to read it. Here's one from the Boston Globe. Any thoughts?
  7. The Fat Man

    [Massachusetts] WBOS adds WRIF Morning Show

    In the era following the big shows being syndicated (Stern, Opie and Anthony, etc.) WBOS ( 92.9 Boston) just picked up WRIF (101.1 Detroit) Morning show Dave and Chuck The Freak. Is this beginning of an FM ressurection of syndicated morning programming?
  8. The Fat Man

    [Other Topic] Job Titles in Radio: Radio Insight Editorial

    I found this quick editorial, written by Lance Venta of Radio Insight, to be an interesting conversation piece. The basic premise is that the growing trend in radio is to give important sounding titles to positions that receive relatively low pay and are considered in some instances to be entry...
  9. The Fat Man

    CBS Radio - Entercom Merger

    It's been written about across the internet. What are your thoughts about Entercom basically buying CBS Radio (offically a merger with Entercom controlling the new company)? I'm watching the Boston FM and AM bands closely, as the new company will be beyond the cap for ownership in a single market.
  10. The Fat Man

    New NBC in Boston...on the old channel?

    Being honest, I passed out on my couch last night after a long night of celebrating New Year's. I woke up and noticed that WBTS (Boston's new NBC O&O as of today) was not playing it's newscast that the guide stated, but it was playing infomercials instead. Also, it was playing advertisements...
  11. The Fat Man

    Dish giving the Pats/ Steelers game in Boston through KDKA

    That's right. Does anyone else in the Boston DMA notice that we are not getting the game via WBZ, but rather KDKA out of Pittsburgh? I know this isn't as irregular as one would think, but I find it interesting when it happens.
  12. The Fat Man

    [Massachusetts] What's up with Rock and Alternative (in the Northeast) these days?

    So, Greater Media (or whoever bought them out) owns a cluster of stations in the Boston Market. One station is WBOS. Historically, WBOS has kept the call letters, but jumped several formats over its fairly long history. The latest format is labeled as Alternative. It ran under the name Radio...
  13. The Fat Man

    Hopper always turns on preselected channel

    Here's a new one for me. It doesn't matter what channel I'm watching. Whenever I turn off my receiver and turn it back on, it automatically is on Disney Junior. This isn't a dire issue, but I'd like to be able to turn it on and have the channel I left off at there. Any suggestion as to what my...
  14. The Fat Man

    [Other Topic] What Stupid April Cooks Radio Gimmicks Will Be Pulled This Year?

    The title says it all. What's your predictions? Also, I apologize for title misspell. I hate auto spell on cellphones.
  15. The Fat Man

    [Other Topic] The State of Terrestrial Radio

    I know that I have gone off on rants allot this topic in the past, but what is up with the state of terrestrial radio these days? Formats change all the time, but here in the Boston DMA, the wave is over saturation of country and pop. DJs are virtually the same cookie cutter discussions. Trying...
  16. The Fat Man

    The Opie And Anthony Show

    OK Stern Fans, this day had to come. Howard has his thread in the SiriusXM forum, but O&A didn't. UNTIL NOW!!! Time to add your thoughts on SiriusXM's A-Team (in my opinion)!!!!
  17. The Fat Man

    WENH (PBS NH) off the air

    Flipping through the program guide this morning I noticed that WENH is listed to be off the air until Monday. When I view the channel it is showing the sorry for the interruption screen. Now for me it isn't a big deal. Not only do I get the channel OTA, but the lineup is the same as WGBH in...
  18. The Fat Man

    Al Jazeera buys Current TV.

    I will post the print article when I find it, but WFXT "Fox 25" in Boston is reporting the sale. They say that Al Jazeera will overhaul the channel to compete with the major news networks. Edit: Got this article from ABC News:
  19. The Fat Man

    Advisement: Hopper/Joey linking issues with new software

    Just got my Hopper and two Joeys this afternoon. The Hopper works well, but won't sync with either Joey. The independent contractor works to fix the problem. He finally contacts Dish. Tells them the issue, the tech people explain that this is an issue with the new software. Dish's solution. The...
  20. The Fat Man

    A sign of things to come?

    I'm 21st century channel surfing (looking through the guide and selecting something for five minutes, then repeating). I come across the NBA League Pass Stats Channel and I notice that it says to go to NBA TV on Channel 216 for news and highlights. Error, or are there changes on the horizon?