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  1. kittyhas1000legs

    Problem to get 8PSK Freqs by DVB S2 Card

    Can you adjust the dish and watch the screen, or do you have a meter to connect at the dish? A tiny shift in the position of the dish can make or break an 8PSK signal.
  2. kittyhas1000legs

    Getting back into the FTA game

    I was surprised to see that on Lyngsat. I moved from GJ to here in January. The local CBS station is good at screwing up commercials and cutting off bits of the Late Show, so I may record from that instead. If I can't get Montana PBS on the dish but everything else is rock solid, I may *gasp*...
  3. kittyhas1000legs

    Getting back into the FTA game

    Curious, what big changes have there been (if any) in Ku band over the past year? I'll be adding a second dish soon, but don't want to waste too much time and effort. I saw some NBC feeds went IP recently. Is the four-channel NBC mux still there on 103? ABC still on 91w?
  4. kittyhas1000legs

    Getting back into the FTA game

    It's been a year of vague non-answers from my landlord, so I decided to say "heck with it" and put up my dish. I'm on the south side of Missoula, MT, where the hills block my signal for Montana PBS OTA. For now I've had an antenna on my porch (north facing) to get KSPS (Spokane PBS) plus the...
  5. kittyhas1000legs

    Pet Thread.

    I see them so much, I figure I should post them. Misty, lives next door, 17 years old, one tooth left, somehow still can crunch the treats we give her Marley, Misty's roommate, scared of pretty much everything but VERY enthusiastic about kibble & treats Littlefoot, lives one building over...
  6. kittyhas1000legs

    Pet Thread.

    Torties are great. We have a ten pound sack of potatoes named Jeannie who still has a kitten face at nine years old. My wife got her off of Craigslist about a week after we moved in together. "If you can catch her, you can keep her". We also have Nooblet (tux) and Casey (calico), who both...
  7. kittyhas1000legs

    How to delete ads in the browser?

    I pay here to help keep the site going. Everywhere else, I have a mix of AdBlockPlus and ScriptSafe. The internet is a terrible mess without them. So many ads, massive amounts of java and other crap all trying to load at once, commercials on youtube, all blocked. A couple places I won't...
  8. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    Welp... nothing yet. Apparently there are some big maintenance issues at the landlord's other property, so the maintenance guy should be running the cable some time this week. Wife is impatiently waiting for 125W. The antenna gives us the occasional blip on KSPS, and our building plus a hill...
  9. kittyhas1000legs

    Pandora Now launches today at 2:00 PM EST

    Interesting. I wonder if that's why Pandora has a few new options (at least through the browser) to customize your stations.
  10. kittyhas1000legs

    CONTEST!! Enter to Win an Edision OS Mio 4K from Titanium Satellite - Ends 4/8/2019

    I want to win an Edision OS Mio 4k with The North America Project image It would be by far the most up-to-date tech in our apartment, and make the wife happy with a more reliable clock than the 9000i for DVRing.
  11. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    I mentioned putting it in the grass when I first moved in, and again in the e-mail. There must have been some pretty bad issues under those shingles for her to remind me again that absolutely nothing is to go on the roof, even an NPRM. Even when my wife and I get our own place, there will be...
  12. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    I e-mailed the landlord about setting up the dish in the grass, and she said that's fine, just absolutely not on the roof. I had no intention to put it up there, but apparently she's "super touchy about that roof" since it cost $80,000 last year. I'll most likely set up the dish Friday while...
  13. kittyhas1000legs

    Orby login down?

    Oops! That's as bad as the big corporation I work for making the e-mail password the same for all 9,000 stores, just to make it easier for the floater pharmacists.
  14. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    That's FTA4PA. I've got a Linkbox 9000i and X2 mini HD. I have the buggy "remote" app for Android to stream from the X2, but I don't know if it has a meter or if my wifi will reach that far.
  15. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    Hmm... looks fairly tempting. Is it fairly easy to update TP info via USB? As for the compass, the version on Amazon doesn't even have one.
  16. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    So... Looks like the satellite shop in town just does pay-TV and internet. I feel confident installing on my own again, except for grounding. I guess I'll be digging through the county website for zoning regs so I can figure out how to do it correctly. As for aligning the dish, I'll probably get...
  17. kittyhas1000legs

    ABC NewsOne Live Channels Leaving Satellite

    I noticed the NBC feeds were sometimes identical to the ABC feeds. I just hope I can get them fine tuned in again.
  18. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    The snow's finally mostly melted at my new apartment, so it's time to talk to the landlord about putting up my dish. It will be in the grass near my building (porch is north-facing), and she said it's fine so long as I put the request in writing before I put it up. Here are the installation...
  19. kittyhas1000legs

    CONTEST!! Enter to Win: Titanium C2-PLL C-band Interference Filtering LNBF

    An older photo of my setup: 103W, 97W, and 91W on a 90cm Geosatpro If I win, I'll shoot for 99w to see what I can very carefully get. If the landlord allows, I'll go for a 1-1.2m dish.
  20. kittyhas1000legs

    Satellite dishes in tv shows.

    In an episode of Pinky and the Brain, they get stuck in a bad spoof of The Real World, and one of the housemates is using Brain's fiberglass dish for skateboarding tricks while Brain is trying to beam a threatening message to world leaders, messing with the signal. I need to go back and find...