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  1. kittyhas1000legs

    Getting back into the FTA game

    It's been a year of vague non-answers from my landlord, so I decided to say "heck with it" and put up my dish. I'm on the south side of Missoula, MT, where the hills block my signal for Montana PBS OTA. For now I've had an antenna on my porch (north facing) to get KSPS (Spokane PBS) plus the...
  2. kittyhas1000legs

    New apartment, new dish setup

    The snow's finally mostly melted at my new apartment, so it's time to talk to the landlord about putting up my dish. It will be in the grass near my building (porch is north-facing), and she said it's fine so long as I put the request in writing before I put it up. Here are the installation...
  3. kittyhas1000legs

    Four degree spacing?

    I've temporarily set aside the motor on my 90cm GeosatPro dish, since the balcony is tilted and I can't get shims under the NPRM nicely to keep the pole plumb. I switched back to a multi-LNBF setup with 103/97/91, which works well. Six-degree spacing is as close as I can get with the Maverick...
  4. kittyhas1000legs

    Live Olympics?

    Hey all, I seem to remember a few channels having live Olympics coverage, rather than the time-delayed and edited NBC coverage. Does anyone know off the top of their heads where to look in Ku-band? I think there were a few during the summer Olympics on 97W, maybe Al Kass and a couple others...
  5. kittyhas1000legs

    New projects for the new year

    Hey, it's 2018! What sort of FTA plans do people have? I'm going to hopefully, finally, just maybe, get my motor aligned right so that I can get both LPB on 87w AND the PBS's on 125w. As it's been, I can make a tiny adjustment to get the national mux, and it knocks out LPB. When I make...
  6. kittyhas1000legs

    PCIe DVB-S2 software recommendations?

    Hey all, I finally took the leap and bought a proper pcie tuner card. I just installed a TBS6902 dual tuner card to go along with my two WinTV ATSC tuners and WinTV Nova. Ideally I'd like to have both FTA and OTA in one program that can DVR them. I've been using Windows Media Center for...
  7. kittyhas1000legs

    New motor setup!

    Hey all, After spending a good week or so getting my NPRM perfectly plumb, I put an HH-90 motor onto my 90cm dish (GeosatPro). All in all, the process was much easier than I expected. I made sure to follow both the guide in the sticky and the manual that came with the motor. I figured since...
  8. kittyhas1000legs

    Ku motor recommendations

    Hey all, I decided to finally take the plunge and buy a motor for my Geosatpro 90cm. I'm probably going to go with this one on Ebay unless someone can point me toward a better price or more reputable seller. I've noticed that some listings show a photo of the motor installed with the shaft...
  9. kittyhas1000legs

    Linkbox 9000i Local Questions

    Hey all, I'm finally looking at replacing my x2 Premium Mini with a more reliable box that won't crash and reboot so often. I've got a pile of points on my credit card, so I figured I'd cash them in and get a 9000i Local. Before I take the plunge... -How is the clock accuracy? Does it lose...
  10. kittyhas1000legs

    ABC Newsone?

    Is anyone having trouble with these this morning? My receiver doesn't see one blip of signal, but it was able to scan in two feeds (one ABC, one from Mexico). I figured I'd ask before messing with my tuning since it's a veeeeeery narrow margin of error for 91W for me (12 degrees off center).
  11. kittyhas1000legs

    Creative Recycling

    My wife and I conquered Mount Garfield today (2,000 ft increase over two miles). Near the corner of G 7/10 Rd. and 36 6/10 Rd. I spotted these guys. Yes, the road names around here are great. The flower looks like a 8' perf. The trees to the south were pretty tall, so it must be pretty old.
  12. kittyhas1000legs

    97 Ku channel count

    I've been trying to squeeze every last bit of Q out of my 90cm, and my blind scan channel count (including $ channels) finally got over 200! Does anyone know what the full count should be? I'm pretty sure I'm getting close to everything on that bird at this point. Of course, once I'm...
  13. kittyhas1000legs

    TV station job?

    Hey all, I wasn't sure which section to post this in, so I figured here is close enough. I recently moved a couple thousand miles to Grand Junction, CO. My wife will be going to school out here, and I transferred to another location of the giant pharmacy chain I work for. I mostly stuck with...
  14. kittyhas1000legs

    DVB-S2 tuner software (Windows)

    Hey all, In order to frustrate myself (apparently), I've been trying to get my Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S2 running in Windows 7 x64. It's been good for the most part. Windows Media Center and Hauppauge's own WinTV software won't scan in and DVB-S2 channels, but MediaPortal 1 seems to be doing the...
  15. kittyhas1000legs

    Gone hiking

    My wife and I hiked the Black Ridge trail at the Colorado National Monument last weekend. I see this hill every day, but it takes some effort to get to. 10.6 miles LOS according to TVFool, but it's a 20+ minute drive up the monument plus a bit of hiking on the trail. KFQX, KKCO, KRMJ, K22JN...
  16. kittyhas1000legs

    By jove, I think he's got it!

    I've been meaning to get into fta for some time now. I acquired an old muzak dish from the store where I used to work, but never has LOS at my old apartment. Over a year and 2,000 miles later, I finally got the thing put together and got some aiming experience. I was able to hit 125W, after some...
  17. kittyhas1000legs

    Which one of you is this?

    I just saw this while wasting some time on the internet, and I'm sure I've seen it here before.
  18. kittyhas1000legs

    Ku OMT questions

    Hey all, I'll be setting up my dish in the next week or two (holy crap, finally). It's a former Muzak dish, I think CM, 1 meter fiberglass offset with a feedhorn to match the dish. It came with one single-polarity LNB. I was able to get a second LNB and Ku OMT off of an ooooold Hughesnet...
  19. kittyhas1000legs

    Antenna recommendation for a problem channel?

    Hey all, My mother & her husband are considering dropping Comcast with the newest wave of price increases. The one sticking point is the local ABC channel, VHF 10. It's the ONE VHF channel that matters to them, and there's a hill to their south/southwest. He says he tried using an antenna in...
  20. kittyhas1000legs

    SatGuys Reader crashing

    I was trying a "trick" to downgrade the reader app (delete app from phone, re-add from iTunes). Of course, the guide was written for an old version of iTunes, so it didn't work. I re-downloaded the newest version of the SatelliteGuys Reader app, and now it crashes any time I try to open a...