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  1. dare2be

    Dish 1st Quarter 2020 results

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, from May 7th: The company closed the first quarter with 11.32 million Pay-TV subscribers, including 9.01 million DISH TV subscribers and 2.31...
  2. dare2be

    Yay :(

    Dealing with a hardware issue on my 722. Never seen this one before. Last night, I noticed that all my OTA channel signal levels dropped to below 60, which made every one of them get a complete signal loss or unwatchable content. Then the box started to respond very slowly to the point of...
  3. dare2be

    myDish down again

    FYI, their website is down again. Earlier when I tried to log in I got a "page does not exist" error, and now they have a banner on the main mydish page: "We're experiencing technical difficulties with our MyDISH account management but will return soon."
  4. dare2be

    Hey Flex Pack users

    Usually when I add an add-on, the newly added channels only have guide data for the current program and the next one. Most of the time it takes almost a full day for the guide data to fill in. Is there a simple and reliable way to get the additional guide data loaded?
  5. dare2be

    MyDish website

    ...has become ridiculously cartoonish. My god how awful. This fills an entire 1920x1080 24" screen.
  6. dare2be

    Android newbie here...

    Considering switching over to an android phone. I have a few questions on customization. How customizable are notification sounds? I have 4 different email accounts, 2 work, 2 personal and I want to have a different notification sound for each account. Would it depend on the phone, or the...
  7. dare2be

    Switching from SD to HD receivers

    My parents have DTV, 4 TVs with basic SD receivers (no DVR). They are looking into getting HD receivers for one or more TVs, but they seem to think it would cost them $10 more per month for each receiver that is upgraded. Is this correct? They are already paying $7/mo ($21 total) for each extra...
  8. dare2be

    Dish service for college dorms

    Our university is planning on changing the TV provider for the dorms from cable to Dish. I believe the service or vendor is called Apogee, and I vaguely recall reading something about it on these forums, but can't find anything from a search, except for references to satellite orbits. Anyone...
  9. dare2be

    A heads up for Flex Pack subscribers

    I discovered a billing error on my account. It appears to occur when you add an add-on on the last day of your billing cycle, and remove it the same day or the next day, AND the billing cycle end date happens to fall on a weekend. My billing cycle ends on the 6th of each month, and here is what...
  10. dare2be

    The Good Doctor

    Watched this with my wife earlier this week. I'm not a big fan of the overdone medical drama, but this one was fresh and the pilot was tear-jerkingly amazing. I'm hooked so far.
  11. dare2be

    DishAnywhere error

    Trying to manage my DVR, skip and restore timer events, I get this message: Failed to restore timer: Forbidden 403 Anyone else seeing this?
  12. dare2be

    Need DIRT clarification on Flex

    Three times now, I have added the Latino Bonus Pack to my Flex Pack. Every time I go to remove it within 30 days, the system attempts to charge me a $5 change fee. None of the other add-on packs exhibit this behavior. I have to call or chat to get the Latino Bonus pack removed without the fee...
  13. dare2be

    Chat button missing from

    Anyone else seeing no chat button when you log into your account?
  14. dare2be

    Comcast DCT700 no picture

    So, I've had internet/limited basic tv bundle for over a year now, solely for the better internet price. Never used the TV service. The DCT700 sat shrink wrapped in a closet all this time. I think it's a bad box, but here are my symptoms: When I first hooked it up (I'm no dummy when it comes to...
  15. dare2be

    Signal problems

    Long story short, sat signals on all 3 EA sats have been dropping slowly since April, to the point now that no channels come in without major pixelation. Tech yesterday realigned, replaced LNB, outside and inside connectors, diplexer outside and triplexer inside. Signal meter looked good inside...
  16. dare2be

    Remove News banner?

    Is it possible? Just checked...yes, in preferences (News Ticker). Decided to post anyway in case anyone else was wondering.
  17. dare2be

    Got the "problem with your signal" call

    Didn't recognize the number so sent to voicemail. It was Dish saying my receiver is reporting problems with signal strength, and sure enough when I checked, my signal on all 3 EA sats are in the 30s, when they used to be in the 50s. Going to assume it's an LNB drift issue and not an alignment...
  18. dare2be

    Dish site unavailable

    Been getting intermittent errors trying to log into the MyDish site. Trying to determine if it's on my end or their site. Anyone else having trouble?
  19. dare2be

    Video glitches on GSN 116 SD channel on 77W

    I know not many people even use 77W anymore, but if you do, could you check channel 116 (SD only), and see if you are getting any video problems like this:
  20. dare2be

    Lost functionality going from ViP to Hopper receiver

    I lamented creating a list like this, and when someone else suggested it would be helpful to them, I decided to create this thread. This is off the top of my head and does not have all the details and I'm sure I will miss some other differences, so any input/corrections is appreciated. No DVR...