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    Screenshots of current ViP922 software?

    I saw the ViP922K last summer, but I understand Dish Network made a number of improvements to the interface over the past 3-5 months. Since it looks like we are nearing release, could someone not under NDA post screenshots of the EPG, channel bar, and various other menus to show the current...
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    AMC, WE, IFC & FUSE HD all coming to FiOS in 4Q09!

    First reported here by a Verizon employee.
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    Call Monday to upgrade your Internet

    Verizon "officially" released upgrade details on their forums right here.
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    New HD channels in June...

    MTV HD 710 VH 1 HD 717 CMT HD 721 Nick HD 752 Spike HD 554 Comedy Central HD 690 All six channels will be added in all FiOS service areas by the end of the month.
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    What would you pay for VOOM DVR?

    Recognize that HD DVR doesn't come cheap. The Dish Network 921 HD DVR and HDTV DirecTivo both sell for $999. What would you be willing to pay for a VOOM DVR with the following specifications: Four tuners (two OTA, two satellite) Pause, instant replay, 30-sec skip, rewind, fast...
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    High-res shot of 921 remote?

    Could someone possibly post or link to a high-resolution picture of the 921 remote? Thanks.
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    VOOM needs your help: Stuttering on locals

    VOOM plans to ask Motorola to look into the stuttering (dropped frames) on locals, but they need more information to help diagnose the issue. If you notice stuttering on VOOM's satellite channels, do you also notice it on local DTV/HDTV channels? If you do experience stuttering (dropped...