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    DNLA, My thoughts

    I was going to wait on Hopper/Joey as it did not have OTA, but after reading about it, just had to have it. Quite a bit of my viewing is recorded OTA (I don't watch too much live) so I figured that since I use a couple of computers for OTA recordings that the 722k OTA module didn't get I'd be...
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    No Problem Install of 2H, 2J

    Had my 2 Hopper, 2 Joey install on Wed (4/4/12). No problems encountered. Old setup 3 500 dishes with single DP lnbf's pointed at 110,119,129. dp 34 switch VIP 722k with ota module, 2 VIP 211's. VIP 722k feeding HDMI dist. amp feeding 3 HD tv's. longest run about 60 feet. New setup 3...
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    2H 2J install rescheduled

    Had appointment 8-12 for today (3-28-2011). Dish installer showed up at 8am, has 2 Hopper, 2 Joeys and HIC, but no Duo Node. Manager had told him to install using 44 switch and 2 Single Nodes. Installer knew it was wrong, but had to show up anyway. Rescheduled for Next Wed. bcw.
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    Another Order

    Just ordered 2 Hopper 2 J. setup. Install date 3/28. $100.00 for 2nd Hopper, $15 install. Must be lucky. bcw
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    Signal to Noise

    Logged on. Looked at the last 20 hours of posts. None of them worth reading. I really am wasting my time here.
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    New BUD owner

    Needing another project (I'm not happy unless I have half a dozen or so projects going) and not being real happy with the quality of the E* SD picture on my Hitachi HDTV, I decided to go with a BUD. After much research, head scratching, confused mumbling to myself, etc. I decided to let Mike...