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  1. J

    HBO $10 "deal"?

    So I've got the $10 HBO deal from awhile back. Is this really a deal or is that DISH's regular price now? Haven't been watching it much so I'm thinking about cancelling it for awhile (maybe until WestWorld comes back in the spring). I believe the original deal was supposed to last until you...
  2. J

    Pathway X2 Replacement Black Top?

    Had a little miscue on my recent camping trip. Bungee must've vibrated loose in the wind and my X2 slid under the 5th wheel mount while traveling down the highway. Knocked all 3 mounting points out of the light black plastic top. To it's credit a couple of pieces of duct tape and it worked...
  3. J

    Latest DishAnywhere plugin doesn't support XP?

    Yeah, I know the OS is no longer supported by MS but I'm guessing there's still a lot of people running it. I've got one PC at work that can't be upgraded due to some custom software. But the point is the last plugin update seems to have broken DishAnywhere via a XP computer. Firefox gets stuck...
  4. J

    FoxNow App "Not Authorized"

    DISH finally came to an agreement with our local FOX network in the Springfield MA DMA (after the ownership changed) and the channel was added a short time ago. However when trying to use the FoxNow app on the Roku I get a "upgrade your programming at" message. If you...
  5. J

    Dish Anywhere down?

    Doesn't allow me to login. Same thing at My Dish. Anyone else or is it just my problem?
  6. J

    Google Adsense problems?

    Is there some way to gain a little control over Adsense? For some reason it serves me 90% of my ads in an Eastern European language. I think it might be Russian but I'm not sure. I know I can run Adblock but I'd rather that the sites I visit and like not lose out on the $$. I've scanned with...
  7. J

    38 switch checks, then aquiring signal (5 bars)?

    Is there some technical reason a DISH 211k with a plane jane legacy single focus dish needs to do this every time it's pointed at a different location? I've got a Winegard crank up dish on the roof of my camper. It's pretty easy for me to figure out the settings for 72.7 and 61.5 since I...
  8. J

    VIP 722 swap issue

    I've got a 722 with a Sling adapter installed. If the Sling is in use, pressing the "swap" button on the 722's remote gives something to the effect of "swap not possible when remote viewing" or something like that. I would think this would be the proper behavior. However if I log out of Dish...
  9. J

    DishAnywhere Update?

    Dishanywhere now has a popup about "improvements" made to the site. Gives the ability to only list HD versions of channels instead of duplicate listings for SD/HD. That's all well and good, but I no longer get any Media controls (FF/REW/PLAY/PAUSE/VOL etc) when playing back DVR content (haven't...
  10. J

    FOXNOW on Roku

    My wife is into "Sleepy Hollow" on FOX. We have a Roku and I installed the FOXNOW channel around a month ago. The first time I tried to access the channel I got the "authorize" screen. Went on my laptop, put in the site and code given, and got an error saying "contact your provider". However the...
  11. J

    WGGB crawl

    In the last few days WGGB (ABC & FOX in Springfield MA) started running a crawl warning about DirecTV's carriage agreement expiring Dec. 1st, and that it "might not be renewed". The usual switch to cable or install an antenna crap if you wish to continue to receive our signal. These guys have...
  12. J

    X1 Doubleplay offer for $90 a month

    Got a special offer in the mail for performance internet (which I already have @ $70 a month) and digital starter TV with the X1 DVR. Free year of both HBO and either Showtime or Starz. Free StreamPix and a $50 Visa Debit card. Trying to find anything in the fine print for hidden fees and I...
  13. J

    DIRT on today?

    Don't see anyone listed right now. Need to activate my friend's 211 as an "activation only" account. After calling tech support (hoping I'd get USA CSR) and having her ask me 5 times for my account number I'm guessing it's not going to happen via the phone. :D
  14. J

    Cheapest package that includes the RSN?

    Got a buddy doing an activation only account for his RV. Only must have channel for him is our local RSN, NESN. Would probably want the ESPN's as well. Is Top 120+ the cheapest package that includes it? Would any of the Latino packages include the RSN?
  15. J

    Best cheap satellite meter?

    Anybody got a meter in the $20 range that works ok for aligning a dish while camping? I realize it's not going to identify which satellite I'm receiving at that price range but just looking for something to make setting up a little easier. The 211k is so slow to respond to signal changes when...
  16. J

    Interpreting HD counters

    My 722 has been acting up for a couple of months now. I think it's exhibiting signs of hard drive failure, but not 100% sure. It was frozen when I got up this morning, a reboot brought it back. Live and paused TV have been fine over the 2 month period, as has playback of older recordings (from...
  17. J

    Owned 211k now showing leased in MyDish account

    Not sure when they switched it, but I know I've checked it before and it showed "owned" correctly. I guess I need to hunt up my receipt. :confused:
  18. J

    Searching for signal - please wait up to 5 minutes

    Is there some technical reason why it takes so long for DISH receivers (722 & 211) to receive signal after being powered on? It's really a pain to wait 10 minutes (never "up to 5" like the screen says) for the receiver to come up every time after starting the generator (Thanks Sandy!). Could it...
  19. J

    722 stuck in "acquiring signal" loop

    My 722 just started going into a loop. It gets to the "Acquiring Signal" screen. The first 3 bars (out of 5) will turn green, then it just sits there for a minute or so. After that it reboots and goes back to the same screen again. This continues, ad nauseum. I've also got a 211 in another...
  20. J

    DISH got me!

    Despite my best efforts to stay on my grandfathered "no locals" plan, DISH finally stuck it to me today. I had passed up free programming promos, and the Sling "free after rebate" promo because I was told accepting those would switch me to a locals included plan. So who would've guessed that...