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    Positioner Help

    I am restoring an 8ft solid aluminum dish that I got for free. I've got the rust removed, pole is placed and the actuator still works. However, everyone seems to be sold out of DiSEqC positioners. Does anyone know of anyone that still has some in stock? Planning on putting in a dual C/Ku LNB...
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    What config for EA with 118.7?

    Here is my problem. My HD locals are the Huntington Charleston, WV market which are on EA only. I also need some international programming on 118.7. What dish config do I need to accomlish this? I know I need 1000.4 and an fss lnb for 118.7. How to get the 118.7 alone and add it to the 1000.4?
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    Frustrating Audio Problem with 622

    Ever since L511 and now L512, I can be watching a program while it records. Sometimes I'll be a few minutes behind the actual recording to skip through commercials. Eventually I lose video and audio for a few seconds. Then the video comes back, but no audio. I use my 622 in single mode and...
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    Food HD now Mirrors SD

    For those that care...It seems that Food Network HD is now mirroring the SD channel. Non HD shows seem to be stretch-o-vision. But there is quite a bit of HD content.
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    It's time for sun-fade folks (times)

    Guys, It is the time of year for satellite "sun-fade". "Sun-fade occurs when the sun, the satellite, and your dish are in a straight line. The sun is much more powerfull than the satellite, therefore, you lose signal. I figured I'd post the times that we should lose each satelite. I based these...