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    Is it me, or has Dish's PQ gotten markedly worse in the past few weeks?

    Title says it all. I've noticed what seems like a lot more compression artifacting lately, especially on channels like TNT, LIfetime, and FX. Mostly macro blocking. I know Dish uses a good amount of compression, always has, but my perception is that it's getting worse lately. Of course...
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    Surely there are better incentives than what they show on the website, right?

    Background, was a 10+ year Dish subscriber, switched to DirecTV about a year ago, looking to switch back. My monthly cost will be a bit higher, I'm willing to live with that to get back to the Hopper 3 and Dish's better channel bundling. What I'm having trouble with is the $240 I'll owe DirecTV...
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    HS 17 recalled?

    I had an AT&T/DirecTV sales rep approach me at my house last week and offered me an excellent price on a TV/internet combo. After spending the past few days mulling it over and discussing it with you fine folks here: Yet another "Should I switch?" thread I have decided to take the plunge. The...
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    Yet another "Should I switch?" thread

    I recently found out that AT&T has run fiber in my neighborhood, so they are now able to offer internet speeds comparable to Comcast. The gentleman I spoke to quoted me a very good price for 75mb internet bundled with DirecTV's Ultimate package. Considering I'm now paying Dish and Comcast...