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    MPEG 4 Irds

    Does DISH now makes MPEG4 standard definition receivers. Thanks
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    Dish Audit team stupid or ???

    Today I was audited, I received the damn phone call, and I pass the audit without any problem at all, the CSR only asked me for the R00 numbers and device installed after that he asked me to fax him an utility bill now I am in trouble since I am nowhere near my service address is, and offcourse...
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    E Chat

    Can I setup a change of service address (mover) through the e-chat @, or I have to call dish ? thanks
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    Salt Lake City UT Locals,

    Hi Lyngsat shows that Salt Lake City locals are on Transponder Conus 18 how realiable is this information, ?
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    118.7 and 61.5

    Hey Can someone help me I have a 4 sat setup 119/110/118.7 and 61.5 my account is in Detroit, MI the ird is not within the spot range so when I add 61.5 I lose my HD locals that comes from 118.7 by some reason the ird uses 61.5 for locals which are spotted is there way and can avoid this...
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    118.7 LNBF for an MDU System

    Does anyone know what type of lnbf do I need to build a MDU system for sat 118.7, MDU systems use 3 ft dishes for each sat so the lnbf that dish has does not work for me because the type of lnbf support of the dishes I am using which are Channel Master. Thanks
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    ciel 2 @ 129w

    when we can expect to see this bird in action ?
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    Smartcard Expried

    Please I need advise, I am a mover I live in TX but I have New York locals, today I lost my programming cause I got a message saying that my smartcard has expired, I havent receive the new one yet, can I restore my programming ? thanks
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    Hey has anyone tried to pick sat 72w on the fringe areas if yes, can you help a fellow american living south of the border, with E11 my 110 signal was reduced I am still getting it but I guess 61.5 72 and 77 will be the ones to go with. Sincerely Alex
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    Movers ? SmartCards ?

    Hi !! As many of my fellow companions I am a mover, I live in Texas but I have Denver locals, so what worries my when the new smartcards comes out, will it be delivered to my service address or my billing address. Thanks
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    Is your smartcard nagra 3 ?

    Hi, could some one who knows about the subject let me know how can I know if my 722 has a nagra 3 card on it. Thanks
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    Hi guys, I need your help. I need to pick up sat 118.7. but I have a 9 ft Channel Master Dish so the LNBf sold by Dish does not work for me, so if anyone knows whcih type of LNBf do I need to buy I will be very pleased if you let me know. Setup 119w 110w 61.5w DP 44 sw Regards Alex
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    All American Direct Channels

    Has anyone had this same sitiuation before, your comments will be appreciated. For almost 2 months I had one 311 ird activated with AAD, last friday I upgrade my ird to a 622 DVR HD receiver, the swap process with E went fine, and with AAD my channels came like in 20 mins and I clearly...
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    What to Expect Need Help

    Hi guys I need help about what to expect I am fearing that the Dish Nazis called me cant prove it but I have a hunch my kid called me saying that our two irds are with all the channels red, weird !!!! and only my ird which is in my bedroom is working, I am in a business trip right now and I ll...
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    Bird 61.5 and 129w

    Hi guys does anyone knows if bird 61.5 carries the same National HD channels as 129w, since I am tired of this sat I was thinking of pointing at the 61.5w location, thanks for your help.
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    MPEG 4 Who is gonna pay for it

    Ok guys for what I have read E will be using MPEG 4 format on all the channels on the near future as they always do they start with the HD channels so we all know that 811 will be completely useless maybe after spring 07 even as of today we can use them as toys since E is no longer doing...
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    I am tired of all these changes with E

    Hi guys I am wondering that there is a lot of confusion and people like me out there are getting tired, I just don't get it is no more than 2 months since I upgrade my 811 to a 211 and my dish 500 to a dish 1000 I thought that will be all for the moment but now I see new dishes out and new sats...
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    Does anyone has news on 129w

    Hi guys does anyone knows what is gonna happen with sat 129w, will it be replace by E-6, or E* is addressing this sat soon enough as everyone knows this sat has problems with signal dropouts, on several part of continental US. Thanks
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    What is wrong with 110w

    Does anyone had experience signal loss with sat 110w, I been expericing quite few loses with this bird I have check my dish and everything is ok, does anything of this has to do with the new bird E--X DISH 500 WITH 2 DP DUALS AND A DP34 Thanks
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    Echostar X and Distant Locals

    From what I been reading seems like all locals will be on the new sat E-X, does anyone knows what Distant Networks will be left. and what sat they will be using for these locals. LAX. NYC, ATLANTA, CHICAGO AND DENVER Thanks