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    Positioner Help

    Thanks. I couldn't decide if I just got into the C band game too late and they just quit making them, or there is just a shortage of them right now. V Box II was one of the ones I was looking at.
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    Positioner Help

    I am restoring an 8ft solid aluminum dish that I got for free. I've got the rust removed, pole is placed and the actuator still works. However, everyone seems to be sold out of DiSEqC positioners. Does anyone know of anyone that still has some in stock? Planning on putting in a dual C/Ku LNB...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    It’s my fault. I’m sorry. I was trying to get at the point that HBO probably doesn’t care if Dish gets them back or not. Between Directv and HBO now, AT&T can eventually recoup a lot of their subs by pushing them to delivery systems that they own. So either Dish agrees to a deal that...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I know this is immediately affecting satellite customers on Dish, but I think this is the beginnings of the net neutrality struggle. There is a reason that internet providers are gobbling up content providers and delivery systems. AT&T buys DirecTV and Time Warner. Comcast buys Universal/NBC...
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    CBS stations return to DISH I guess only one major dispute at a time. Looks like contract deadline is extended for now.
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    Different programming distribution

    Starguide III which is being replaced by XDS, is encripted and the receiver is authorized by the content provider. I work with these receivers all the time as I work in radio. We get nearly EVERYTHING on AMC 8 at 139.
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    DISH Makes offer to buy Sprint (Rescinded)

    Having worked for Cingular during that time, it went down like this: Cingular was owned 60 percent by what was then SBC and 40 percent Bellsouth. AT&T wireless was a spinoff of what was then AT&T, but was no longer owned by AT&T. It was a stand alone company. AT&T wireless was bought...
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    Reputable Dealers?

    Jamal did send another and I did finally get it, but sadly the motor is on back order. :( Must wait 3 weeks to "explore the belt". He was very quick to respond.
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    Reputable Dealers?

    Just ordered from Sadoun about a month ago. FedEx ground lost my shipment. I hope Sadoun is good to deal with in this situation. I ordered the KU motorized combo pack.
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    DISH may drop the CBS affiliate for the Huntington/Charlston WV market June 30 or July 1

    I wasn't sure if WYMT was in the Lexington market or not. The area where I am is close to three different DMA's. I know WYMT is not on the bird, but their parent station, WKYT is and the same owner owns the NBC affiliate in Huntington WV. WSAZ. It would be not too difficult to throw it up...
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    DISH may drop the CBS affiliate for the Huntington/Charlston WV market June 30 or July 1

    I wonder if WYMT in Hazard, KY is considered Huntington/Charleston, WV or Lexington, KY. Maybe they could replace WOWK with WYMT. Maybe that would get WOWK's attention.
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    FX begins to feel the ratings effect.

    Thank you for calling Dish name is "Peggy"....Can I help you?
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    What config for EA with 118.7?

    Thanks. Yes, I knew I would need two dishes. I just wasn't sure how to get the LNB for 118.7. Now I know. Thanks. :)
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    What config for EA with 118.7?

    Here is my problem. My HD locals are the Huntington Charleston, WV market which are on EA only. I also need some international programming on 118.7. What dish config do I need to accomlish this? I know I need 1000.4 and an fss lnb for 118.7. How to get the 118.7 alone and add it to the 1000.4?
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    Lots of Dish Dead!

    It is the time of year for sunfade. When the dish, the satellite and the sun are in direct alignment. Depending on which link, the feed to dish network, the uplink from dish network, or the link to your dish from the satellite could be having the sunfade problem. If the pribkem goes away after a...
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    MSNBC HD Now on Dish Network

    Finally....something other than far right Faux News.
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    Eastern Arc and snow

    This may sound crazy, but, if you can reach your dish, try spraying on a light coat of non-stick cooking spray. Then wipe off the excess. It repells moisture and tends to help the snow slide right off. I know it works with BUDs.
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    Ciel-2 Signal Monitoring

    WOW. TP 32 WV Spot. Sporting a 75. Up from a 40. CII rocks!! Mercy sakes...puttin' about an eight and a half on me. (old CB talk) hahaha.
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    OUTAGE: WVAH 11 and WCHS 8 Charleston WV Transmission Issue

    They seem to be back now. Maybe it had something to do with transponder changes on the new satellite at 129. That change for the Charleston WV market was in progress at about 2am. 3, 13, 11, 8, they were all out for me.