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  1. guhuna

    77 Sat - West Coast

    Yes, even with the dish being 4 feet off the ground. Then again I have good LOS to that part of the sky.
  2. guhuna

    Charged for unordered PPV.

    I guess it depends on the installer. When my sister got E* the first thing he did after chaging the resolution was change the TV#2 remote address.
  3. guhuna

    Severe & Frequent Macro-Blocking on Encore HD & Starz HD

    I see it on my end also. I was watching the Arnoldthon this weekend on Encore and it was doing it.
  4. guhuna

    Enter to Win: Sadoun Bandstacked KU LNBF - End 10/31/09

    Dirty Jobs on Discovery. I like it because he gets to do jobs that normally a lot of people don't get to do.
  5. guhuna

    Choppy Video

    For what its worth, I had this happen to my 722 today and my signal readings are just fine. A quick reboot fixed the issue.
  6. guhuna

    Dish hd has alot better pq since the MPEG4 conversion

    Last night I was watching something on my SD set and even on that set I can see blob/pixel affect. I was kinda shocked. PQ seems to have gone down the sh*tter,
  7. guhuna

    Bandwidth Meter

    I use Netmeter ==- Readerror -== Its like Du meter but free :).
  8. guhuna

    Whats going on with My DVR ?

    Yep I was getting this issue ever since they upgraded me to L622 two nights ago. It says its recording on turner one but yet it's not. The red light isn't on in the front and it wont let me stop recording it. Kinda weird. It stopped this morning after recording 17 hours of some show on the...
  9. guhuna

    HD picture quality worsening?

    I've noticed it. Nothing has changed on my end. Seems to be stuff on 129 has gotten worse but all my locals on 119 are okay. Looks over-compressed.
  10. guhuna

    Enter to Win a $50 Shopping Spree at Sadoun

    A pair or coax strippers, some crimps and some connectors. Or a motor.
  11. guhuna

    New Install for my parents 622? Why not 722?

    My brother in law just switch from D* to E*. He asked for two 722's. One for master bedroom the other for living room. Well when the installer came he had a 722k and a 222k. So he just installed them and later that day he called and complained. Well they sent out a refurbed 722 free of charge...
  12. guhuna

    pixelation on FOX NEWS

    I've noticed it. It seems when they zoom in on someones face is gets pixelated.
  13. guhuna

    Currently with DirecTV, but have ?'s about Dish

    The last 3 times I've called Dish, the calls went to Colorado. From what they've mentioned dish is trying to get support back state side? Or has? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. guhuna

    Bay Area KTVU audio sync issue

    Yes there is an issue. There was an issue last week that went away but now its back. I've called and they said they are aware of a "Lip sync issue".
  15. guhuna

    SAt 119 Breaking up

    Seems to be okay now on my end now.
  16. guhuna

    SAt 119 Breaking up

    Yes, I just got done watching the 10oClock news in HD and the audio was off.
  17. guhuna

    SAt 119 Breaking up

    I was getting them last night. CBS 5 to be exact was having some issues. It eventually came up saying they know of a problem and not to call.
  18. guhuna

    Very poor picture

    QFT. When the Giants are away (SD) I cant watch them. The SD is horrible. Mostly on 110. Everything on 119 seems to be okay but most of the stuff on 110 looks like crap IMO.
  19. guhuna

    Anyone have problems with locals tonite??

    My HD locals are down right now. I believe off of 119/110
  20. guhuna

    No Fx HD or SPEED HD here

    I just checked and I wasn't getting those channels either. I called dish and got a very helpful guy from Denver. He sent a hit and 10min later and a check switch I was good to go.
  21. guhuna

    SD resolutions dropping on 110W

    IMO G4 chan looks like crap now. Even more than it did before. I told me friends it looks like VHS tape.
  22. guhuna

    Enter to win: Sadoun Powertech DG380 HH Motor - End 2/28/09

    IMO a HH motor is key to a FTA setup. It really sucks to always have to climb the roof to get to the dish.
  23. guhuna

    2/26/2009 2:35am - Uplink Activity Report - 10 changes

    ! I regularly watch KRON 4 instead of KTVU and CBS 5. Ya they dont air new content but sometimes its nice to get the news from a different source in HD. ;)