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    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    I think a lot of bars here have already installed antennas or switched to Spectrum during the Nexstar dispute. Can't be without those WIVB/CBS games. Push comes to shove, buying a couple antennas or rokus (yeah they're not supposed to just show consumer Peacock, but do you honestly think the...
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    When will it be time to change the name of the site?

    How did that work out for Broadband Reports? Everyone still called it DSLReports even though most people do not use DSL anymore. Hence they abandoned that idea. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Nexstar/Mission/White Knight dispute with DIRECTV

    I'll admit I'm shocked and I guess I was wrong. I wonder if DirecTV feels emboldened by the Spectrum/Disney dispute and dug their heels in further.
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    Dish Network desperate to raise money to meet 5G deadline, source says

    I'd be happy to pay them in full for a 2-year agreement if they gave me a significant discount for doing so. That would give them a nice influx of cash. ;) Beyond that, I think people are sometimes overlooking one of the biggest advantages in a DirecTV/Dish merger. Sure, years down the road you...
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    Goodbye Dish

    This is the sad reality of the damage these cyber attacks can do. People don't like to change things until they're forced to. OP had the perfect opportunity to try something else and was happy with the outcome. Dish lost a customer due to their inability to recover quickly or have a good backup...
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    DirecTV lays off hundreds of managers as cord cutting accelerates

    If half your staff consisted of managers, layoffs are probably sensible.
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    KAZD 55 in Dallas brings Spectrum News 1 to DirecTV

    That's surprising for sure. Charter loves to promote SN1 as "exclusively for Spectrum customers." I wonder if this is just super short term. Edit: Did some quick Googling and it's totally legit. I wonder who's paying who here...
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    Analog Cable in 2021

    Northland seems to be the biggest operator with any significant analog systems left. Here's a recent clip someone uploaded to YouTube. View: As for where I am in upstate NY, Spectrum has had us all-digital since Spring of 2018. Gotta pay 8.99 per...
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    Anyone know what's up with Orby?

    That's fair. I didn't pose the question looking for a quantitative answer. I can only speak for myself and say I liked what Orby was doing, liked their pricing and business model. I get bulk cable for free so I wouldn't subscribe at my current home but I'm looking to move soon. I probably would...
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    Anyone know what's up with Orby?

    Yes, but how many potential subscribers did they never gain due to the lack of Fox News?
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    Anyone know what's up with Orby?

    I think the lack of Fox News was a big factor. That's a must have for a lot of people, more so those who may live in rural areas and not have the best access to broadband ie Orby's target customer.
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    Possible Carriage Dispute Time Warner vs. MSG, MSG+ Buffalo

    MSG to allow Channel 2 to air Sabres game - Sabres & NHL - The Buffalo News Looks like one game will be on WGRZ this week, for whatever that's worth. Expect to be bombarded with "Switch to DirecTV" ads. :/
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    DTV Day in Canada

    I'm in suburban Buffalo and I was getting analog 5, 9, 11, 41, and 47 from Toronto. All I'm using is a 30+ year old set of rabbit ears on a second floor cathedral ceiling beam. They were all really snowy. The VHF stations always came in a bit better. Now I'm getting 9 (real 9) perfectly, maybe 2...
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    Can we sign up for Dish without a contract?

    Yeah, we really should cancel the landline, it's another ~$30, but old people don't like change. :rolleyes: The idea of reducing the number of recievers did make me think. We currently have 4 FiOS STBs, and I had planned to just put an antenna on my TV. I guess I could do that for another one...
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    Can we sign up for Dish without a contract?

    That's just the TV service. $57.99 for the programming and $30 for the receivers.
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    Can we sign up for Dish without a contract?

    The economy is hitting us pretty hard right now, and that $90 FiOS bill looks like one of the easiest things to cut back on. I could probably live with OTA alone, but my grandmother really wants Fox News and my brother really wants Nickelodeon. My parents and I have been looking at the Family...
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    Time Warner Growing Again.

    And FiOS will only get you the Sabres in SD.
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    So i have to have a set top box for FIOS?

    To be perfectly correct, if your TV has a QAM tuner, you do not need a set top box to receive the *basic* channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX). Since you say they are old CRT's they most likely don't have QAM tuners, and you will need set top boxes.